Thursday, September 13, 2012

TWD by KV Sart

Give me the first line
            Public drunkenness in a private
            place    The street paved with
uneven cobblestones
Awaken in the
            same panic-state
            Same as yesterday    Same as today
Swimming in thoughts
            Broken in utility    Continuous
            in stream    Forged with the
strength of a Chinese finger cuff
Don’t let go of the dream    All you have is the dream

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jersey Campbell's passage of the day: give me liberty, or give me holidays!

Greetings all, we've got another edition of "passage of the day" for y'all. (Why do I insist on referring to myself as "we", as if some force were beside me, guiding my fingers through the perilous terrain of a MacBook keypad as "we" write this?)
Today's edition comes to us from deceased former slave and forever fighter of freedom- or as the common folk say, "freedom fighter"- Fredrick Douglass.
Most of us had the privilege of learning to read and write via school. Mr. Douglass had some help early on, but customs of the Antebellum South quickly turned his teacher into an inhibitor. True G's learn to read in silence like Brother Fredrick.

I've often been criticized due to my focus on studying history. Why am I living in the past, wasting time reading about ancient wars and brooding over slavery? History teaches us lessons about human nature, and what we are capable of. History is about reflection, which is necessary for anyone who considers perspective a virtue. So when I am studying history, there is always one eye on the present, trying to figure out how the lessons of yesterday apply to the conditions of today. 
With that in mind, upon completion of the selected passage, I urge you to identify the parallels from his time to our time . (Obligatorily, I also urge you to publish your personal discoveries below in the comments section. You don't have to if you don't want to, but it would be nice if you did, nah mean?)

History is useless if not used as a tool for cognitive growth. Read, and expand your understanding...

Take it home my dear fellow:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A name is never yours until you accept it. by NYC Robert

Though from birth we are given a name; and do summon ourselves to responding to it. We do not, at that age, have the competence to make a decision if we want to change it. In many cases, if not all, that decision cannot be made,at that age, mainly because we have not been exposed to other names. A contrasting similarity is food. When an infant is first exposed to food it picks and chooses what it likes and doesn't. However, if you only had one type of cereal, milk, bread, chicken etc... You would then have no choice other than to eat what is given. Thus, an infant truly can't make decisions whether they want there name or not because they know no different.