Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It ain’t ya beauty, it’s ya booty by NYC Robert

Recently, I’ve watched a lot of movies and shows that pertain to dating. I have discovered, from those movies and shows, that there’s always one person who just wanted sex from the buildup of a “relationship". Typically, it was the guy.

I then compared that to the stories I hear from my female friends.

 I have many female friends who are always telling me about the new “guy” in their life. They either met him in the club, at a store, work, church, or just out and about. I won’t lie, some of my female friends just want the sex too, but for the other half they’re really into the guys they meet. And things between them do go well, until they give "it" up. The guy either fades away or cuts them off completely. This is typical and we all have heard of stories like this, but my thing is how come the guy doesn’t address what he wants in the first place?

These female friends of mine go on many dates with these men, and for what? Quite frankly, if all he or she wanted was the booty. I don’t see the point in going on more than one date. Just say what you really want and be done with it. If the person you are perusing doesn’t want the same drop the deuces and keep it moving.

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  1. We are raised in a culture where deception and appearances reign over realness and truth. That is the root problem of this bullshit.
    All these "thirsty" brothers misleading women and spewing out bullshit by the gallon. It sickens me.