Sunday, May 27, 2012

Steven's Self Conscious by NYC Robert.

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Steven's Self Conscious talking

"Sometimes its hard to read her. I'm not sure if I should comfort, hold, or kiss her. I've thought about why I have trouble reading her. For one, she's a lot different than women I usually talk to.  And second, I actually have feelings for her. For me that is kinda shocking because I didn't want to develop feelings. It just happened Although I can nit pick at a few of her flaws; I overall can say she is very well rounded, but that scares me. Yeah life is about taking chances, but I'm protective over my feelings. And hurt is a feeling I'd not like to experience much. But still the journey could be rewarding...Ahhh...who knows maybe I should give her...I mean it...wait( big deep breath)...maybe I should give this a chance..."

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