Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Emotional Life by KV Sart

Where to now?
            He whispers into his pillow
            Lying face down in linen
The hum of the water heater flowing
            Which is more of a tidal hum
            Than a buzzing bee’s hum
It lulls him to sleep

He dreams he is a fish
            Swimming upstream
            With glistening gills
His head becomes human
            Face to face he arrives
            In front of his brother
But awake he has only sisters

Now he is selling things
            The customers are laughing
            Their eyes glaze while he speaks
But still they are buying things
            To fill their empty homes
            To have a place to sit in front of their great televisions
In this place he shares their sense of emptiness

And on Wednesday she is calling
            She can’t wait until Friday to see him
            He can’t wait the time it takes to drive to her house
Together they are sharing
            A cigarette on Minot rock
            Talking about friends
Wishing they had more time

There was a time when he felt the pain
            Of not knowing how she felt
           Uncertain of the way forward
But now the beat of his heart in his veins
            Signals the strain
            Of being apart
Of wanting to hold her close every night

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