Monday, May 21, 2012

The Girl He Never Had, Why Steven Didn't Get With Alexis By NYC Robert

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Steven didn't think Alexis would have had such an incredible affect on him. The times they spent together were no more than that of casual innocence mixed with a hint of lust. However, the dates they went on weren't any different than of the ordinary; a movie here, a walk in the park there, and conversations filled with interesting questions. Steven began to have feelings for her; and although that is what he wanted. He did not want "those feelings." 

Those feelings where he felt out of control.
Those feelings where his emotions got the better of him because of her.
Those feelings where he felt as if he could be and would be hurt by her.

Steven defines love as an inevitable pain. He believes having those emotional feelings for someone is one of the greatest strengths because its a blind strength. It's a strength that makes people feel different; and although it is a good feeling, it can also be painful. 

Alexis was quite the women. Her and Steven had much in common and they could talk just about anything. She didn't necessarily try to impress him with her amazing figure. Nor did she try to sweet talk him. She just simply tried to be herself. Ironically, that is what bothered Steven so much. See, Steven is an excellent people reader. He can size them up as quick as a Lion can devour a Zebra, which is why he wished Alexis was pretending or trying to impress him. And because she wasn't, it made him want her even more.

-It isn't everyday you meet someone you connect with. Of all the people you've interacted with how many of them did you feel a connection with? For some of us that number is small. So small that when we do meet that person we either run away or follow that path... If you're wondering, Steven ran. He couldn't bare the thought of being hurt. What will be your choice?

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