Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Mr. Misunderstood by NYC Robert

He is often misunderstood. His kind heart, and very affectionate presence is almost always misunderstood by women. They merely assume that how He talks to them and treat them is how He feels; and although His feelings are true they do not control him. That is because He doesn't want a serious thing with any of them. He doesn't seek anything more than comfort, and hints of intimacy. Is it now unheard of to fill the aroma with such imaginable things and not fully be committed, some would say "yes," but not Him. the downpour of his Heart is within that pain. The pain that leaves them wanting more, more affection, and lust; more of Him.

His heart is now cold, to she who desired Him. She who desired His affection, and presence. She who wanted to gaze into His eyes. The eyes that seemed so kind, and magical. As if those dreams of finding Mr. Perfect can come true. "How could you?" she asked herself, while bathing in tears. Thinking back to all the wonderful times they shared. It's exactly how she imagined it should be, but not Him. He did not want her as His other half. Therefore, what more should He have wasted His time with her?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Steven's Self Conscious by NYC Robert.

Wondering who Steven is Click Here

Steven's Self Conscious talking

"Sometimes its hard to read her. I'm not sure if I should comfort, hold, or kiss her. I've thought about why I have trouble reading her. For one, she's a lot different than women I usually talk to.  And second, I actually have feelings for her. For me that is kinda shocking because I didn't want to develop feelings. It just happened so...so...well. Although I can nit pick at a few of her flaws; I overall can say she is very well rounded, but that scares me. Yeah life is about taking chances, but I'm protective over my feelings. And hurt is a feeling I'd not like to experience much. But still the journey could be rewarding...Ahhh...who knows maybe I should give her...I mean it...wait( big deep breath)...maybe I should give this a chance..."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Emotional Life by KV Sart

Where to now?
            He whispers into his pillow
            Lying face down in linen
The hum of the water heater flowing
            Which is more of a tidal hum
            Than a buzzing bee’s hum
It lulls him to sleep

He dreams he is a fish
            Swimming upstream
            With glistening gills
His head becomes human
            Face to face he arrives
            In front of his brother
But awake he has only sisters

Now he is selling things
            The customers are laughing
            Their eyes glaze while he speaks
But still they are buying things
            To fill their empty homes
            To have a place to sit in front of their great televisions
In this place he shares their sense of emptiness

And on Wednesday she is calling
            She can’t wait until Friday to see him
            He can’t wait the time it takes to drive to her house
Together they are sharing
            A cigarette on Minot rock
            Talking about friends
Wishing they had more time

There was a time when he felt the pain
            Of not knowing how she felt
           Uncertain of the way forward
But now the beat of his heart in his veins
            Signals the strain
            Of being apart
Of wanting to hold her close every night

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Girl He Never Had, Why Steven Didn't Get With Alexis By NYC Robert

Click here for Part 1 
Click here for Part 2 

Steven didn't think Alexis would have had such an incredible affect on him. The times they spent together were no more than that of casual innocence mixed with a hint of lust. However, the dates they went on weren't any different than of the ordinary; a movie here, a walk in the park there, and conversations filled with interesting questions. Steven began to have feelings for her; and although that is what he wanted. He did not want "those feelings." 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It ain’t ya beauty, it’s ya booty by NYC Robert

Recently, I’ve watched a lot of movies and shows that pertain to dating. I have discovered, from those movies and shows, that there’s always one person who just wanted sex from the buildup of a “relationship". Typically, it was the guy.

Friday, May 11, 2012

In His Spare Time He Smokes Cigarettes by KV Sart

            He does other things too.  But in the time between these other things he smokes cigarettes. 
            There is a certain denial of common logic he must engage in order to habitual smoke cigarettes.  Cigarettes, in excess, are lethal.  They cause the deterioration of the lungs and the throat.  They are carcinogenic and cancerous.  Eventually they will kill the body.  Smoking habitually is, in essence, to deny this fact.  He is aware of this denial, yet he smokes.
            His thinking follows thusly: cigarettes are deadly, to this he assents, but the lethality is relative to time.  From this premise there are two logical positions.  He can tell himself that he will, eventually, quit; at a certain point he will give up cigarettes (presumably before they become lethal); or he may deny his fear of death.  In this method he will not quit smoking.  He will assume that cigarettes will cause his death.  This requires the additional premise that life in general is lethal relative to time, and so a death from cigarettes is neither unnerving nor unreasonable.  Some days he prefers the former reasoning, some days the latter.
            Regardless of whether or not he will quit in the future, he does still smoke now.  He is afforded a reason to leave his room during long stretches of work.  When he has a cigarette he does not feel as awkward waiting for the bus or standing around, wasting time, before class.
            In this way his activities determine how many cigarettes he smokes.  Some days he smokes as few as two or three, other days he smokes a pack.  His cigarette intake is directly proportional to the amount of time he spends outside his room.  For instance, on days in which he has classes, he smokes a cigarette while waiting for the bus, another before his first class, then another after his first class.  Then, on his way to the second class, he has another, and before the third class, and the fourth.  Then while waiting for the bus, and another after dinner. 
When he drinks heavily, he smokes heavily, but the next day, when he is hung over, he does not smoke as many, as he feels both sick and the desire not to leave his room.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jersey Campbell's Anecdote of the Day: limits = death

Hello brothers and sisters, welcome to the debut of ya boy J. Camps newest feature, The Anecdote of the Day.

Bruce Lee's philosophies have recently become a source of inspiration for me, and today's anecdote features Lee as a character. Lee has already been involved in one of my Quote of the Day's, and he's the perfect candidate to kick-start the first Anecdote of the Day. I'll let the story speak for itself. Be like water...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Did You Find Your Equal? Or Did You Possess Your Lover? by KV Sart

That blinding pain he feels,
            The one that splits his brain,
                        Separating left from the right,
            The pain that places him on his knees,
                        Impulsively texting and calling,
            The pain that drives him to possess,
                        What he can,
In reality,
Never possess,
This pain must be ignored.
This pain must not drive action,
            He cannot act to possess.

Friday, May 4, 2012

**Is it possible to be in love with more then one person**: a friendly debate Pt.4 (the conclusion) by J. Camps, NYC Rob and KV Sart

Pt. 1
Pt. 2
Pt. 3

Finally, we have (not) reached a conclusion to the question: is it possible to be in love with more then one person? 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

**Is it possible to be in love with more then one person**: a friendly debate Pt. 3 by J. Camps, NYC Rob, and KV Sart

Check out Pt 1 and Pt 2

And we're back. NYC Rob has finally brought out the shotty! At this point, nobody knows what anyone else is talking about and the discussion has turned into a shouting match that will end in nuclear destruction, or maybe just NYC Rob getting knocked off his high horse of love. It is finally clear that no conclusion will be reached. We still must chastise one another for no reason. 


Answer Me This by NYC Robert

"If love so nice, tell me why it hurts so bad"- Junior Kelly

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

**Is it possible to be in love with more then one person**: a friendly debate Pt. 2 by J. Camps, NYC Rob, and KV Sart

Now that pleasantries have been exchanged, the Wannabe Writers have cocked back and are now firing at each other at will. So much for a friendly debate. They can't even agree on a definition of love, how is a conclusion supposed to be reached? Still, there are some valid points made by all parties, few of which are accepted by all. 

Make sure to read Pt. 1 before you jump into Pt. 2

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

**Is it possible to be in love with more then one person**: a friendly debate- Pt. 1 by Jersey Campbell, NYC Robert, and KV Sart

We've got another friendly discussion between a few of the Wannabe Writers who regularly contribute to VW. KV Sart joins the discourse between NYC Robert and Jersey Campbell as they try to figure out if it is possible to be in love with more then one person simultaneously. 

In Pt. I, the opening statements are made by each party and they establish their positions on the subject. Read, and be merry.