Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NYC Robert:The Dating Scheme Upside Down

Many women are a lot more attractive in their prime (20-30years old), I’d say, then when they’re older. I know many of you can agree with that, but if you can’t just take a look out your window.

Flaunt it if you’vegot it, right? Well, that’s what many of those women do. From flawless hair, dazzling skin tone, and a body that makes the males piece stick out, they are workingit. It’s no wonder many women in their prime get spoken to on a day-to-daybasis. If so many women spoke to me as men do women, I’d feel like a rock-star.But even with that thought of feeling like a rock-star I still know all that would come to an end one day. In a females mind that thought approaches at theage of THIRTY. Yup. They feel old, and have the thought that no one wants them,even though that’s not true. So, before they get to that age what do they do? Many try to find a husband, or get involved in some sort of relationship.However, before all that many women try to live it up. Why? They honestly only have a decade to flaunt that sexy body of theirs, or seem DESIRABLE to men intheir mindset.

Men don’t go through the same tribulations. For us it’s abit different. Yes, we are very good in our prime, but other than having sexy bodies, and intelligence what else is there. Many young men aren’t very FINANCIALstable, which is a problem for many women who want to be wined and dined (Justabout every woman). So what’s a guy to do? What else can he do? Just play his part by dating women, and hopefully finds a women that doesn’t care too much about his finances. I should add that I’m not talking about men who aren’t goingto be financial stable like scrubs. I’m talking about men who will one day reach that level, but as we all know, it takes time. So although men are great at their prime when they hit much older ages (31 and up) they become more desirable. They have money, which can include a car, a house, and being SET.What’s a guy to do? Flaunt it, right? He could honestly have any women he wants from younger (20-30), all the way up.

What happens to our ladies? Well, they could become cougars,but that would just be for play; and what they really want is to be stable now.This is getting very sticky. At first the women seemed to be really desirable. But as the years went by they don’t seem that way anymore. Women I’m notcalling y’all gold diggers. You could very well have all your things together and be stable. Nor am I saying that you need a man to take care of you. All I’m trying to state is that you have a decade to be a spectacular woman. After that it’s a bit downhill. Not only cause of your looks, but also because you may beset in a lot of ways, and to find a man at your age you is willing to put up with all that may be very troubling. For the man however, he could seek younger, or older with not much trouble.

So ladies the moral of this is if you think you’re going to be hopping from guy to guy, and enjoying the life. You’ll later get tired of that, and will want to settle down. But sadly the guy’s you want are either taken, or getting to much attention to focus on you. So have fun, but not too much.


  1. @Anonymous #1. Please elaborate on that some more.

  2. I want to say, that many men wont want to settle down with women with all that baggage, not even if they are younger than 30.

    the men that will do that, are the same type of men that they fool around with. they are the men that want the booty call. they will fuck you no matter what the baggage is, and they will move on to the better chance they get, at the drop of a dime.

    women that mess around with these kind of men are a major turn off, because I dont want to catch anything with these ladies. most cases, they are having unprotected sex with these bums, and spreading those diseases. I dont want any of that mess. nor do I want to raise another man kids (even if you were strait up with this fact that you have kids by other men), most men dont like raising other men's kids. thats why its such a big deal on shows like Maury.

  3. @Anonymous-
    You're right, age doesn't always have to be a factor. I think that was your point. And with the world we're in now "baggage" maybe there. My expectation of this post, however, was to target women and men who aren't in those situations.