Friday, September 30, 2011

*Vicarious World's Best of the Month*

At the conclusion of every month Vicarious World’s team of writers comes up with a totally arbitrary list of our top blog posts during that time. It is the crème de la crème of Vicarious World, the most noteworthy, thought-provoking 2-3 pages of literature (can we call it that?) that we present to you.
This month, our best of the month includes the safe way to get the youngsters involved in drugs, a surprisingly weak defense for the bad guys, two non-experts debating a semi-serious topic, and a couple of poems that you may want to read in total privacy. Here is the "Best of the Month."

Good Morning Beautiful by NYC Robert
“That was an excellent poem,” said the lady as her vajayjay imploded.

Good Afternoon Gorgeous by NYC Robert
“So this is what it’s like to have a real man,” said the lady as her vajayjay imploded.

For any middle to high school superintendent or principal who’s serious about cracking down on drugs and preventing students from going down the unrighteous path.

One man continues the struggle to find out what it all means. God bless his soul.

*Vicarious World Special* Should You Get Married? by NYC Robert and Jersey Campbell
A riveting debate on matrimony, love, and… brooms?

A must-read on the state of politics and the effect it has on our ability to govern effectively.

At the Table by K.V. Sart 
K.V. Sart’s short story about a man, a woman, and an unfortunate predicament.

Jersey Campbell’s encomium on the FX comedy, “Wilfred.” 

Somebody must have went on a date (or was it a DATE DATE?) and got the wrong idea. NYC Rob sorts it all it out here.

I trust that we'll have many many more of these installments in the future. Thanks for reading.

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