Friday, September 9, 2011

*Special to Vicarious World* Should you get married? Pt 2. Jersey Campbell and NYC Robert

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Apparently jumping over these
things means a lot

We continue with our friendly discussion on life, love, and jumping the broom.

Jersey Campbell:
Sorry that I didn't know about a 16th century wedding tradition from Wales. Shoulda caught up on my British history before having this conversation, that's my mistake. 
If you can't prove to me that true love exists then I have no reason to believe in it. It's simple logic- I cannot prove a negative claim, the positive must be confirmed. 
I'm just gonna keep throwing scenarios at you and watch you duck and dodge while never confronting. A happy marriage doesn't necessarily mean true love is involved. Maybe those two people are extremely compatible. Maybe one of them have mastered the art of seduction and can get any partner to love them. Maybe they "settled" and found that their partner isn't so bad after all. How are we supposed to know? There are so many people in this world- seven billion and counting- I find it hard to believe that only ONE can be right for you. It's totally possible that your personality and body type totally fit with another personality and body type so that you're predispositioned to have crazy, hormonally charged feelings towards them. It ain't some otherworldly connection that you were destined to have from you were born. Please. 
That's why it should be OK for one's partner to explore other options. If you limit yourself to one person for your whole life you'll never know what else is out there. The smart consumer shops around before settling on a purchase and even then they always keep the receipt. The problem is people aren't products and emotions are easily hurt, I'll give you that. But my point is that no one partner is perfect, and the dissatisfaction will always arise. Whether you can handle it is based not on love, but a crapload of other emotions and rationales that we have lazily (or brilliantly, depending on your opinion) defined as love. 
I'm also curious to know your sentiments on homos (fuck off, that's not a derogatory term. If you're a man and you only like men you're a homo. If you're a woman and you only like woman you're a homo. It's a scientific term. That's like telling me I can't call someone from Argentina an Argentinian.) and bis. But I fear that we'd be overstepping the parameters of this discussion. Maybe another time brother.

NYC Robert:
You don’t want to believe then fine, but tell me how many people believe in things they can’t prove?  If you ask me, I’d say lots actually. One main belief is God. How many people can say that they’ve actually seen him? Not a lot, but yet millions believe in his existence. So it’s not really farfetched to believe true love and marriage can work. Why? Because not many people know marriages that are perfect, but yet it is said that everyone has a true love. Isn’t it a bit mysterious that that saying is still going around today? I think so. If you want to be a wild man and assume it doesn’t exist then fine, do that.  Ask yourself this though- have you tried to find true love, or do you just assume it’s not possible?

If you’re fine with your significant other dating others then OK. But I don’t think you two are in an actual relationship, and according to you what’s the point of people titling their relationship, by saying we’re dating, serious, or engaged? In the end that person will get you so annoyed and frustrated you won’t want to be around them. It’s kind of interesting that you think this way. It’s very similar to the book of Solomon and his wise thinking of not laying with various women for moments of pleasure, or keeping their company just for mere enjoyment. Because in the end they don't help you and you probably don't care about them.  So with the thought of Solomon, if you want to explore then explore, but you shouldn’t need a relationship to tell you you’re not with the right person.  Instead, you should meet people without a relationship, and that will guide you to know what you want in, and from a relationship.

You also mention homos, why? I don’t know. We aren’t discussing who should get married, we're discussing if we need to get married. Love is love, it’s not my place to judge who should, or shouldn’t be married. And as I mentioned before if you believe that there is a person out there for you go and find them. Don’t be a person who thinks financial stability will settle everything. True happiness doesn’t need to be rich. In fact I’d take a mediocre life, a house, a wife, children, and Love over being extremely rich and miserable any day of the week.   

I guess if everyone believed in Bigfoot he'd be real but unless we're talking about Imagination Land he ain't real. And by saying "Beetle Juice" three times strait he'd appear right in front of you because everybody else believed so? Oh you want some real world examples? Everybody said the world was flat, what happened? Europeans said that Africans were brutish, dumb, savage monkeys, is that true too? Everybody thought that men had bigger brains then women, they claimed it was science. Try and tell that to that feminist who works at Best Buy. Now you have yet to answer any question I have posited, so I give you my final one. Is it so farfetched to think that eventually (if we don't kill ourselves) we'll discover that love is a figment of our imagination? Even if ppl still believe, that would not make it real or true. 

I'm done. Our sentiments are obviously not soulmates. 

Oh. And uh, that kid coulda swore Spongebob was gonna be at the bottom of the ocean... Too bad he never got the chance to find him. I'd love to meet Spongebob. 
According to Jersey Campbell he's just as real as God Almighty

Bigfoot and Sponge-bob! Is that what you really threw out as a come back? Nice! Wait I’m just messing with you that was HORRIBLE!  I must be discussing marriage with a boy who clearly thinks Batman is real too. Okay that’s your comeback, but it’s time to shut that down. You’ve ranted and raved throughout many weird possibilities, but here’s where I draw the line. I can’t allow you to mock God in such ways. Unlike, Bigfoot and Sponge-bob there are not billions of people reading their books, bowing at certain hours of the day to them, or praising them on a certain day. The Bible is the most sold book in the WORLD. Bigfoot and Sponge-bob couldn’t sell no more than ice pops at your local market on its best day.

Let’s see what else bull-shit you threw in.  Oh, I won’t even comment on Beetle Juice, you were probably looking at your lunch box when you decided to bring that up. Okay, back to business. The world was flat? First off that was a theory because no one had the balls to prove that it wasn’t for a while. And about the Europeans, that still goes on today. People pass judgment on many ethnic groups. They gave that a term, which means look it up. I’m not your dictionary. I stop here; all your saying is garbage random thoughts that frankly don’t add up.

I’ll try to answer your question now. Love isn’t a figment of our imagination. How foolish is that to say when you can’t even see love. However, you can see that the world is round, Sponge-bob is not real, and all that other shit you said is crap. You may be looking out your window saying, “where the fuck is love? I can’t seem to find it.”  Really, why do such nonsense? You seem like a person who doesn’t understand love. Maybe you should have asked me that instead.  Love is more than anyone can see because it’s not viewable like Sponge-bob. So if you don’t believe in true love why the fuck would you get married? Who even said that love or marriage is for everyone? When's the last time you saw a book other than the bible that discusses real marriage, and not crap some psychologist put together for money. To many people assume that marriages aren’t supposed to have its ups and downs. Who ever said it would be easy? It’s a job, better yet a career. Career’s aren’t easy; you have to bust your hump day in and day out just get things done, and in the end you a paycheck. With a career as a comparison to marriage, it should be clear marriage isn’t for everyone. Many people don’t have career’s they just have jobs. Some didn’t want to work as hard for something, and some did. Marriage is the hardest career in the world, bank on it.

Mr. Jersey, I hope your charades and lame jokes can finally end. I’m holding my tongue when I discuss this with you because you can’t handle what's in my arsenal. Oh, and if Apollo Theater ever calls you, trust me they ordered a fresh batch of tomatoes just for you.

So ends our discussion. Jersey Campbell claims he has a lot more to say and I'm sure NYC Rob does as well, maybe there will be a third installment in the future. I would look forward to it if it came to that. 

Remember, leave comments, weigh in, tell us what you think. We appreciate the feedback. 

Peace and Love. 


  1. I will definitely have to agree with Rob here. Love is not a figment of the imagination, it is not tangible nor can it be seen ( we can only see acts of love). Mr. Campbell, it is ok if you do not believe in true love (and what a pity that is) but that doesn't mean it does not exist. It seems that your idea of true love is of this perfect harmony between two people but that is not so. Love is a deep human emotion, and although it may be pure, we as human beings are not. So two people can be madly in love but have serious communication issues and what not. Love doesn't equal a perfect relationship. Like Rob said it is work just like every other relationship (mother/child, friend/friend, sister/brother etc). All of these relationships are constantly being worked on enable to maintain a healthy balance. I admit marriage is not for everyone but I still believe that millions of people have good marriages. I wouldn't jump to say that since "love doesn't exist" people should explore as many people as they possibly can. Your logic here doesn't make sense. As you said there are billions of people on this planet, so what makes you think that you would get a chance to date even a mere 1 percent of them? So dating a range of people would be useless because there would still be billions of other options to explore and when would that end? When you're 70 dying in a nursing home alone? You miss the point on the whole conception of love. You see when you fall in love (the real thing, not the stuff that you've had in your relationships cause you obviously weren't in love) the idea of spending your life with just one person is not viewed as being limited; it is viewed rather as an expansion of oneself. It indeed makes you feel limitless! Being with one person your whole life serves as a great period of enlightenment. It differentiates you from your human counterparts who emphasize physical and fleeting pleasures rather then long term substantial spiritual relationships. Furthermore, to compare love to spongebob and what not shows you're ignorance in what love is (Maybe it's because you don't believe such a great thing can be possible so you never allowed yourself to love and you never allowed yourself to be loved). Love is not a theory, it cannot be proven with scientific research but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There are many things that cannot be proven through science but that doesn't make them any less real. You cannot know what love is until you experience it, it is something that language can not well describe or explain. And you know what, from the beginnings of time till now people have believed in things that have been disproved. But love has remained a constant, in every generation people have experienced and believed in love. But never has the whole human race came to believe that love is not real. Never has love been disapproved or renounced by humans collectively. It has withstood time and like always, love perseveres...

  2. First off, we should have put a five sentence limit on comments. But because we didn't I'll number my responses to your beautifully laid out term paper. You came at me from like 15 different angles I don't even know what to do. I should have had this discussion with you instead of that guy who considers himself a guru.
    1) Maybe I wasn't as clear as I should have been. I do agree with much that you're saying and you make totally valid points- unlike NYC Rob.
    2) I'm not comparing love to Spongebob. I was just taking NYC Rob's argument to the extreme. NYC Rob was saying that people believing in something means that it exists, which is a dangerous road to travel on.
    3) I think what I am trying to say is that all of our emotions don't really "exist." It's hard to think of all these things we take to be human nature somehow being explained away by science or something but you can't say its totally out of the question.
    4) A lot has been disproved over history right? What makes love so indubitable? If anything we should question things we believe to be unquestionable. Maybe that's just me.
    5) Obviously there are people who I love. I love my parents, my siblings, extended family, friends, even that degenerate who doesn't leave the confines of his alleyway. I love everybody. My point wasn't really that love doesn't exist but that this idea of a soulmate is balderdash.
    6) If love is what we say it is and the love of your life says he/she wants to find out what else is out there, does that mean they don't love you? No, it means they wanna go do some shit they'll regret the next day, but they still love you. And if it so happens that he/she finds someone else that better suits their desires then... have I gone too far? Yeah that's enough.
    7) I don't think my conception of love has missed the point. I'm trying to offer alternate possibilities, different ways of thinking about it. I could be wrong, in fact I probably am. But that's a good thing because it at least allows people to find out where the incongruities are in their rational. We're all learning at the end of the day. One more...
    8) I'm a socialist. Wait, wrong word. I believe that the social environment we're in dictates who we are. I'm a sociologist? What if we all grew up believing that true love can only be found in people with at least a 20-year age difference and all aspects of society reflected that? Love has much to do with the culture it is in. For that reason there is no true form to love because it can be created and manipulated. I'll stop here because I was gonna save some of this for Pt. 3.

    Thanks for your input. I'd love to continue talking about this if you're up to it.

  3. @Jersey Campbell. You just got a one two punch in the mouth by me and anonymous. Dude there shouldn't even be a part three. Every comparison or example you have to defend love with a significant other is ridiculous. You take everything to the extreme as if there is to be one set answer. We're discussing marriage you mention spongebob. We're discussing beliefs you mention God. We're discussing love you mention family members. WTF. What next I guess we should start comparing my love for Long Island Ice Tea, as you would said "we'll that's a possibility." Next time you decide to debate bring the wood. Maybe it's your fault the debate went side ways, you did start it after all.

  4. You know why you lost this battle? Because you always have to revert to attacking my character. Grow up kid.
    I take everything to the extreme because if your argument is to be taken seriously it has to be analyzed in every way possible. You have to understand that there are noticeable flaws in your reasoning. Even if you were right about everything you said (which you're not) the way you went about it was inadequate, as I pointed out in the post.
    And I think you were the one who brought up God first. Rob... just take out some time to think about where your reasoning would logically take you. Everything I bring up is relevant to what we're talking about in some way, and you can't deny that.
    Nice talkin' to ya.

  5. @Jersey Campbell. I never lost, in fact, you could ask anyone to read this and they'll clearly let you know you lost. I won't lie you made very good, and challenging points, I'll give you that. But in the end I took care of all those points. Your, right anonymous did make great points, but having the debate with that person would have still proven your lost. It was a bit different when they posted because they were no longer just commenting at what you were saying, but adding to mine. So the childish act can be settled, but just get serious. Why not throwing actual relationships, or marriage situation that show why marriage works or doesn't. If your up for the challenge.

  6. ahhh oh how interesting this has been. If I continue to comment, this would go on until next time...