Thursday, September 8, 2011

NYC Robert: Good Afternoon Gorgeous

It’s Sunny.

I’ve spotted her looking out the balcony.
As I gazed at her posterior figure, I slowly worked my way up her body with my eyes.I stared at her caves as if I were hypnotized. They looked so smooth like ripe plum skin.I thought ripe because that’s when fruit is ready to be eaten. Yes, I thought, the chance to finally take that smooth, soft, woman and do what needs to be done, and not let her spoil.I continued to stare in my hypnosis, and slowly worked my way higher.Her day blouse had been covering her soft legs, plump ass, and elegant back; however that didn’t stop my wondrous mind. I imagined the back of her thighs to be as suave as looking at tropical ocean water.Its appearance is mesmerizing.  As I thought more of those soft legs, I knew her plump ass would follow a similar, but more detailed expression, maybe like a ripe plum.Its midline would represent the soft two halves. I wanted to touch and squeeze that ass with my masculine, but yet gentle hands, I did not. I continued up, and now was at her back. I imagined it to be smooth, soft, and angelic. Angelic because of the shape it had. I thought if she were an actual angel then she could wrap me with her wings as I did her in my arms. And we could hold each other, and tighten our bond with the essence of the intimate encounter that was yet to come. That moment could share more intimacy then twenty years of intimate love because we would hold each other deeply; her wings around the two of us, and my penis inside her vagina. She would wrap tighter and tighter, as a sign for me to go deeper, and deeper. I continued up this angelic woman. I was back to her actual skin, and I looked at her scapula’s, smooth neck, and listened to the whistle of the ocean. It was like she was calling me, but to do more than just hold her. I could no longer continue to stare, and be hypnotized because she now has felt my presence, and I was now only two feet away. As she faced me I noticed her gorgeous eyes, soft lips, and the elegance of her beauty. No words were crossed between us, and before I knew it, we had kissed. We kissed and kissed, and in the background I could hear the waves of the ocean clashing stronger and stronger. As they grew stronger so did the passion in our kiss, and one by one the buttons on her blouse began to pop off.  Her blouse was almost off, but the waves had slowed down, and so did I. I felt that moment we just shared was a perfect way to say good afternoon. 

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