Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NYC Robert: The definition a "Date"

So here’s the truth about the meaning of a date…There isn’t one. Yeah you heard me. So the term ‘Date’ that many people have passed down from generation to generation is indeed false. But no worries, I’m going to set things right. First off let me say this there are two terms here Date and Date Date. Now let’s go to class.

A Date in terms of dating and relationships is hanging out with someone or a group of people. What? Right now you may have a puzzling look on your face and are probably saying "No it’s not." Okay, if you feel that way ask yourself why it isn’t. Oh, and before I go into my scenarios we’re in a new day, and by that I mean if you assume dating is only considered opposite sex, think again. The scenarios: two co-workers going out for lunch. What would you call that, Date or Date Date? Remember people do get into relationships with co-workers. Next: A group of people going out for lunch, but two people in the group are having side conversation. Is that a Date or Date Date? Next: two friends going out for dinner at a nice restaurant? Remember the definitions please. Next: A group of friends going out for dinner at Chili’s, but everyone is having side conversation, Date or Date Date? By now you may be saying to yourself none of those are actual Date Date's, but dozens of people believe one on one outings are Date Dates. Let’s make this interesting so you can really see. All the scenarios were same sex situations. If you thought they were Date Dates are they still Date Dates or not? Or all of them were opposite sex situations, what about now?

A Date Date is going out with a person and trying to get to know them with interest. If you aren’t convinced let’s take a look. Media portrays dating as an interest in the other person. Whether you met the person on a social network (eHarmony, Facebook, etc.), through a friend, or any other place, you two decided to make that date (the outing) happen. Let’s take a look at this now. If you have INTEREST to get to know the person on a certain level then you step into the category of that Date being a Date Date. However, it takes two to be on a Date Date, so be sure the other person is interested in you. The scenarios: two people meet on match.com and everything is going well, now they decide to go on a Date Date. Why is a Date Date? They apparently have an interest in one another because they met on the site, spoke many times, and decided to go further. That was too simple, but others aren’t. For instance, meeting someone at a book store and you two decide to talk at the book store, is that Date Date? Remember an interest in the person and an interest in what you’re talking about are two different things. Don’t say a random debate is a Date Date. Let’s change that up. What if they both decided to see each other again, and they do? Is that a Date Date? Sticky situation isn’t it. And remember a Date Date has to be established and not assumed, and if you’re saying “No.” Then every time you have lunch, or do anything with someone then it would be considered a Date Date. So think before you answer.

Wow! A Date or a Date Date, trust me I could do more scenarios, but just remember key terms. A Date occurs all the time. People interact and do things together. A Date Date must be established, and both parties have to have an interest in one another, or trying to find that interest.

My personal statement: I'm just reiterating now, but the reason you wouldn't consider a lunch with a co-worker a Date Date is because you're not interested in them, or are you? What if they just tagged along? Wait...but they like you. Hope you see my point.

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