Friday, September 2, 2011

NYC Robert: Why do women cheat? Is it the Karma?

Why do women cheat? Is it the want, the need, or just the desire of another man? Since there can be many reasons I needed to get the perspective of females on this. I interviewed several women and got many different answers. The interviews consisted of women between the ages of twenty-two to thirty-five, of various demographics. With the answers I received it was clear to me that I would have to specify a trait to this because there are a million reasons why. So I thought of KARMA. My definition of Karma is what goes around comes around, and then some.

With the thought of Karma in my mind I began to think of when Man and Woman were first created. In the beginning of time, many men had multiple known wives and mistresses. Some of these men treated their wife/wives very well and also had a good relationship, but they still did what they wanted, which made their wife feel very shitty. You may ask how I know. According to readings women act different today than they did in the past, but have similar emotional counterparts. So clearly, the act of her man intentionally stepping out on her would make her feel less important. As Rihanna sang, "Make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world," women obviously want to feel very special.

So the drive in women came from where? Well many people aren't familiar with the legend of Lilith, whom was said to be the first woman created. Some of you may know the story of Adam and Eve, the difference is that Eve was a part of Adam, but Lilith was not. Lilith was an equality type of person who didn't feel she should have to obey to a man. One of the main controversies she had was with the "missionary position." Lilith did not want to be on the bottom, she was a cowgirl, or horse rider. That angered God and Adam so before they had the chance to kill her she fled. So the legend says.

That story reveals that women have always wanted equality, and didn't get it, but that didn't mean their minds weren't wise. So as Mr. Casanova crept throughout the night banging other women, his mistress crept too. Hers had to be unnoticeable because in those days she'd be killed for that. Her creeping had involved allowing other men to pursue her. So as Mr. Casanova left, in her mind she was saying, "Ha-ha, cause I'm getting mine too.” Karma.

It’s not really a farfetched thought, just think of it in today’s world. How many men actually know when their woman is cheating on them? How many women know when their men are cheating on them? Women have a lot more opportunity, why? Just think of how many men approach your significant other on a daily basis. The amount is probably anywhere from five to ten, or even more.

Women cheat because of the inevitable effects of the past. That doesn't mean all women are cheaters, just like all men aren't cheaters. There are women out there who will, and can do right by their man. But, take heed my men. Don't think you’re going to shimmy on down the road to your mistress, and all is good and well in your bed.


  1. Good story. Lilith sounds like the first feminist. God shoulda dealt with her when he had the chance so us men today could be spared from the foolishness. Jus' kiddin'... but seriously.
    And uh, tracing the reason why women cheat back to a biblical story? Don't be a buck passer. I'd like to hear some of the specific reasons that those women you interviewed gave you.

  2. @Jersey Campbell. It would be very difficult to give specific reasons on why women cheat.Mainly because there are to many to count as I mentioned in the introduction of this blog.
    However, I did mention a few reason why a women would cheat in my second sentence. I stated It could be the want,need, or desire of another man. That's why I tried to grab a common ground, with where it could have started by adding Lilith.
    I think what you really want is a video interview on women's reasons.

  3. Some women cheat because of satisfaction, revenged, filling in the void, thrill, insecurity, etc.

    So I agree w/ nyc rob... too many reason to count.

    @ cambell I agree some reason along w/ stories would be interesting to read about

  4. I'm not familiar about the lilith story but I strongly agree with nyc robert, there are too many reasons why women cheat but they share the same reasons in why men cheat... example:addition, lack of something