Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NYC Robert: Good Morning Beautiful

Its quiet.
I’m laying in bed next to a soft, angelic, women.
As she lies in my arms, I begin caressing her hair, which probably would  feel like a cloud; if it were touchable. Clouds appear soft, graceful, and angelic.
The indulgence of her hair is something you could touch for hours, as I did.
Soon, the sun began to rise, which made her twist and turn in my arms, so she shunned her eye lids from the light. I glanced lower towards her eye lids, and although they were shut, it was as if I could still see her looking right at me. So I gazed at them, while holding her ever so gently in my masculine arms.
The sun rose higher, and she twisted and turned in my arms. As her head propped higher I noticed her thin, pink lips, which appeared to be pouting towards me, and as I looked back at her eye lids, I knew she wanted a kiss. I thought of that mutual bond we had, and the affection we had for one another, rendering that thought, I too pouted forward. As I moved gracefully towards her waiting for that angelic touch of her soft, gentle, touch of her lips. I began to feel her heart beating, faster, and faster as I moved her closer. While at the same time my heart began beating faster as well, and it wasn’t long before I only felt one beat, and heard one sound. We were connected, and had felt the same passion for one another. What better now, than to seal the excitement within ourselves with a kiss. As my arms wrapped further and further around her, I knew our pituitary glands had stimulated our bodies for the desire of an intimate moment. Our lips had finally touched. We held our lips in a stationary position enjoying every moment of it. The  sensation it was sending down my spinal cord made me want to kiss more, and as our noses touched we smiled, and kissed some more. The mere moment of this angelic kiss was pleasurable, compassionate, and an elegant way to say good morning.


  1. The two people seem connected and have feelings towards each other

  2. Feelings r strong between the two people