Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Toughness of Man by NYC Robert

The other day I was watching a movie called 127 Hours. It’s a true story about a guy who gets stuck in a cave. The movie starts off very calm and exciting; guy gets his equipment for the hike, meets some chicks, and gets invited to their party that evening. So I said to myself, “This movie is not too bad,” but I was still wondering when this guy would get stuck in a cave. After he exchanged numbers with the cuties and goes about his business the story then comes to light.

Walking tall, listening to some tunes, and having no care in the world is not a good thing to do when hiking through caves you aren’t familiar with. Well maybe I’m the only one who thinks that because this guy did exactly that. Until he came across a rock that was wedged in between two mountainous walls. I asked myself, "Why he doesn’t just walk around?" He stood there he thought for a while, stepped on the rock a few times to see if it was secure enough, and thought some more. In the end of his decision making, he decided to jump over it but the rock was not sturdy enough to hold him up. So now he’s falling, and so is that beach ball size of a rock. When he resumes a stationary position his right arm is wedged in between the rock, and the mountainous wall. I said, “Damn,” and asked myself, “How the hell is he going to get out?” He was alone, about twenty feet deep, and no one around for miles.

He was shell-shocked; a bit in a daze as to what just happened. All he noticed was his hand, which had no more feeling, and that stupid rock. This is when the story begins. As the guy ponders what to do he comes up with various ideas. He tries pushing the rock, chiseling at it with a knife, and anchoring it with some climbing rope. Other than that he spent most of his time pondering, or should I say giving himself some INSPIRATION. How did he do that? He thought of a party he was supposed to go to. And since he was extremely hungry he imagined how the burgers, pizzas, and beers would taste. The more time he spent in that cave the more those Inspirations got more serious. For instance, he remembers intentionally not picking up the phone to speak to his mother that morning, and how he now regrets it. He also made a goodbye video because he thought it was over for him.

Staying anywhere for a long period of time can make anyone go crazy especially in dry desert heat for 127 hours. The main reason for that is people begin to hear, see, and do outlandish things, and that is exactly what happened to him. He began hallucinating; he was hearing things, seeing things, and talking to himself. Thirst and hunger played a big part in that as well. He only had a water bottle, but nothing to eat, not even a candy bar. The only thing I saw him eat was his contact lenses. It was then when my eyes were glued to the television. It had gotten really serious. I honestly couldn’t believe what I seeing. I thought could anyone stay in one position, knowing death is soon to come, and do nothing about it? Some people may say they wouldn’t have the guts to kill themselves, or cut off a limb. Well, this man thought the same thing, but as his hallucinations grew stronger, he became more psychotic. Psychologist may say his next move is normal, or called “fight or flight.” He took his knife and stabbed it into his arm. As I watched I cringed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But knowing that I would have done the same pained me the most. So as I watched him stab away, you heard him yelling, and saw a lot of blood; it’s very graphic, but in about two minutes he was free. Still in a daze he couldn’t believe what had really been happening to him. Once free he found help not too far away, and he was saved.

Watching this movie was really tough, I couldn’t imagine someone else having to go through such difficulties, but honestly it probably happens more than I think. Dozens and dozens of people are put into situations where they have to make traumatic decisions. So why did I put this up? Well, inspiration. I think except for the nudity that it would be a great film to show a team, phys. Ed class, or health class. What inspires them to play, be a part of something, or work hard? Maybe after watching something so traumatic they may take their abilities more seriously. I say that because he continues to still do mountain climbing, and many other adventurous things despite his handicap.

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