Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Mr. Misunderstood by NYC Robert

He is often misunderstood. His kind heart, and very affectionate presence is almost always misunderstood by women. They merely assume that how He talks to them and treat them is how He feels; and although His feelings are true they do not control him. That is because He doesn't want a serious thing with any of them. He doesn't seek anything more than comfort, and hints of intimacy. Is it now unheard of to fill the aroma with such imaginable things and not fully be committed, some would say "yes," but not Him. the downpour of his Heart is within that pain. The pain that leaves them wanting more, more affection, and lust; more of Him.

His heart is now cold, to she who desired Him. She who desired His affection, and presence. She who wanted to gaze into His eyes. The eyes that seemed so kind, and magical. As if those dreams of finding Mr. Perfect can come true. "How could you?" she asked herself, while bathing in tears. Thinking back to all the wonderful times they shared. It's exactly how she imagined it should be, but not Him. He did not want her as His other half. Therefore, what more should He have wasted His time with her?

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