Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jersey Campbell's notebook ramblings: return of the mac

emotions go like breezes through the wind
they ride, oscillating from one extreme to the next
you never know where they will take you
don't try and analyze these feelings, these neurons in your brain firing at all different angles
the magic will be lost
replaced by stifling reality
the winds of emotion become still, and nothing becomes everything
roars are now whispers, semblances
barely recognizable once they are thought of
think less, act more
emotion is the enemy of reason, but who needs reason when these emotions feel so complete
be still, and let the wind flow
ground yourself in reality, allow yourself to be swayed
be wary, lest the wind carry your soul too far
for while it is yours
it can be lost in the inevitable hurricane
unfound, gone forever, while the winds sweep you violently from climate to climate
passion is exciting
think more, act less
for actions done without thought are cruel

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