Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jersey Campbell's Quote of the Day: ordah in dah court!

'Sup y'all. There's another edition of Quote of the Day ready to be mentally digested and pooped out. Actually, don't poop it out, keep it in your mind. Thoughts and ideas can never be fully digested, you'll hurt yourself if you try to poop it out.

Today's QotD comes to us from The Republic by ancient Greek philosopher Plato*. Let's disregard the fact that these men had sexual relations with little boys and recognize their maxims for what they represent and what they reveal about the world.

So digest this snippet of a wholly thought-provoking text. Think about what it means, and see the prominent truth.
"For is it not a strikingly disgraceful sign of a bad education if one has to seek justice at the hands of others as one's masters and judges because one lacks it in oneself?"

*While Plato wrote The Republic, it is written in a dialectic format between various characters, the main one being Socrates, who Plato studied from. Whether you love political philosophy or not, this book is a must read.

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