Monday, June 11, 2012

Time and Compassion by KV Sart

We live in a determined world
            The laws of physics tell us what we cannot do
            And that we should not be able to do anything
            Yet through the expression of time
            We find control over ourselves
The nameless, faceless, and blameless ones
            See the world around them
            Look through the subjective window
            And know that all they see
            Is colored by perspective
There are those who try
            Those who see the man without a home
            See the child starving
            See the hopeless junkie praying for non-existence
            Some see these and feel something
Others do not understand
            That the homeless man
            Cannot get a job without an address
            And could not afford even the shabbiest apartment
            On minimum wage alone
They do not understand
            That a single mother
            Who works multiple jobs
            May not have time to make dinner
            Or might have to choose between heat and food
They cannot fathom
            That the junkie is empty
            Devoid of human passion
            Unable to find a place
            Ostracized by friends, family, and society
Some of us daydream
            About solving these problems
            Knowing they are problems
            That likely have no solution
            We are unfairly idealistic
But never forget that
Even the smallest things make the biggest difference
And even though complete solutions are difficult
Understanding is less so
And compassion is freedom

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