Friday, June 22, 2012

Jersey Campbell's Vocabulary Word of the Day: Garland

Vicarious World would like to introduce you to Jersey Campbell's Vocabulary Word of the Day. In the ongoing effort to limit the amount of words Mr. Campbell can use in one post, he has created another ruse. We don't mind. Nobody has enough time in the day to read his 10,000 word feature pieces. Read... and be educated. 

Somebody told me that here at VW we're all about educating and enlightening the people. So I said to myself, "what better way to educate the people then by expanding their vocabulary?" Thus, the Vocabulary Word of the Day was born.  As with all my other "...of the Day" posts, these will not come every day, but it makes the title sound cool, nah mean? Let's get the goin'.

Garland: wealth or festoon of flowers, leaves or other material, worn for ornament or as an honor or hung on something as decoration.
            In a sentence:
            When I’ll Have Another fulfilled his animal slave duties and won the 2012 Kentucky Derby, he was presented with a garland of roses, which we all know a horse could give two shits about.

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