Sunday, June 3, 2012

**Vicarious World's Best of the Month**: the May edition

Excuse us for being a little late this time around, our editor-in-chief was on his period, he can't operate when the blood is flowing through his vagina. Regardless, we've had the usual going on around here this past month, NYC Rob doing the damn thing, and likewise for KV Sart. Jersey Campbell has taken a leave of absence to scout the PLNL franchises for our upcoming season preview, it looks like he never wants to return. Sucks because the season started a month ago. He's about to get fired. Forget about him (and all the fellatio he's probably getting right now), let's focus on the dandies we've piled up in the month of May.

Did You Find Your Equal? Or Did You Possess Your Lover? by KV Sart
Slowly but surely, this blog is adding more and more chick flick material. Where's Jersey Campbell to balance out all the estrogen flowing through this office?

**Is it possible to be in love with more then one person**: a friendly debate by Jersey Campbell, NYC Robert, and KV Sart
This one is pretty self explanatory. It's unfortunate that reading through it makes no sense at all. Still, valid points are made throughout and it is rather entertaining to read.

In His Spare Time He Smokes Cigarettes by KV Sart
He does other things too, but mostly, he smokes with cigarettes.

It ain't ya beauty, it's ya booty by NYC Robert
Sometimes it's only about the smash and dash, or fuck and duck, or hit and split, or jook and book.

The Mr. Misunderstood by NYC Robert
How He acts isn't always how He feels. Sounds like Mr. Misunderstood has communication issues to me.

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