Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introduction by Jersey Campbell

The Upstanding Members of V.E.R.G.E.

Ideas, thoughts, bursting from the mind
In due time
Young, immature thoughts actualized, released from the cage inside
And it’s the grind
We are on the verge
Forever on the verge
These are not just words
But ideas manifested and brought forth into this world
Forever on the verge
Even when we take over this world, there is still more to conquer
Even when we take over this world we are still on the verge
Energy, concentrated, bursting through seams
Uncontainable, uncontrollable essences sparks fires sans kerosene
Ignite the dream…
I hear “brothers is thirsty”
Hell yeah we thirsty!
Living in a desert and the well is empty
Headed to the verge where the blessings are plenty
Breath spirits through lyrics with my trustees
Wealth for all, one fall, we fall, all humanity
We gon’ ride out, my brothers-in-arms
Recognize the storm
Appreciate the warn
Wish you no harm, ride with us arm-in-arm
We are on the verge not for us but for the people
Sacrifice our lungs so we all breathe equal
The message is clear and our hearts is see-through
Xpress ur essence, show ‘em how we do.

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