Thursday, September 6, 2012

A name is never yours until you accept it. by NYC Robert

Though from birth we are given a name; and do summon ourselves to responding to it. We do not, at that age, have the competence to make a decision if we want to change it. In many cases, if not all, that decision cannot be made,at that age, mainly because we have not been exposed to other names. A contrasting similarity is food. When an infant is first exposed to food it picks and chooses what it likes and doesn't. However, if you only had one type of cereal, milk, bread, chicken etc... You would then have no choice other than to eat what is given. Thus, an infant truly can't make decisions whether they want there name or not because they know no different.

Why is the name so important?
Today many people don't see the importance of there name. We see this on a daily basis. There are names that have no meaning and names that have terrible meanings. But I wonder what makes it a terrible name, it or us? For instance, some people may give there child the name of a car, toy, object, or anything they can think of with no meaning for it.What does that symbolize? Maybe several things, but chances are, living in this century, there is no meaning and there wasn't much effort put in to it making that name.

Offensive names.
Going back in history I can think of many different types of names we have created to offend or call other groups, or races of people. The one that sticks out to me the most though, since it is so widely used, is Nigga. I don't truly understand its purpose. I know why it was created and who it was targeted for, but the last time I checked those days are over. But ironically we have turned it in to a fade. It is probably the most used word in the world. Can you believe that a word that was once used to degrade a race of people now is used as a greeting/praise("What up my Nigga?). That makes me think, why do we undermine our sleeves, and that we may really be ignorant. Now I know there are people who believe it defines them, but I fail to see how. When at the end of the day "we" made the dictionary.

In other words, words don't define us, we define the words.

Therefore, if all these Niggaz changed there demenor maybe people would see there is no need for the word. But as I mentioned earlier, its hard to change a name that you have been forced fed.

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