Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sincere Fictions Pt. 1: as told by some well-informed Black Guy by Jersey Campbell

“Sincere fictions are personal ideological constructions that reproduce societal mythologies at the individual level.”
            Since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination and racism has come to a screeching halt. It was a major victory for all minorities in America. As a Black Man, I have little to nothing to complain about. I have so many opportunities equal to and sometimes even greater than white people. Affirmative action has provided me, and my fellow Black Americans, with a severely needed boost in employment and housing. 

           Discrimination? What discrimination? If anything it’s white males who should be worrying about discrimination. With all the social programs created to help minorities, what do we need to worry about? Reverse discrimination is a real thing, and it affects every white guy out there looking to make a name for himself. Opportunities he once had are now gone because Affirmative Action forces employers to hire the unqualified negro over the more than qualified white person.
We need not be crying about discrimination anyway. At this point- more than 50 years removed from the Civil Rights Act and 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation- the only plight we face as Black People are the ones we create ourselves. We lack family values, we rob each other, we shoot each other, we go on VH1 reality shows and make fools out ofourselves. No wonder white people are afraid of us.
The White Man has helped us so much. It is time we helped ourselves. Our culture, and what it means to our collective identity, is what’s to blame for the rampant crime and deviance in our neighborhoods. If anyone is going to lift us from this state, we must do it, because we are to blame. Our families suck because they are broken down, our schools suck because our families suck, and our children suck because they grow up in this environment.
Fact of the matter is, we’re a bunch of lazy niggars with deadbeat parents who mooch off the system to buy more booze, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. Turn on the news. Any informed, educated individual sees all the crime reports; rarely do Isee white people committing violent crimes. 
For proof of these indubitable facts, look at other minorities who have faced similar discrimination. Jews, people of Eastern Asian descent, Southern and Eastern Europeans, even Middle Easterners have all successfully built their communities economically and socially through self-empowerment and entrepreneurism. Why have we failed when all the minorities around us have flourished? We’re asking for all this help from politicians/The White Man, while everyone else barely asks for anything. Yet they are the one’s leapfrogging us.
This is a color-blind country, any real American doesn’t see black, brown, yellow, green, pink, orange, magenta, flamingo, indigo, forest green, charcoal, or peach. We only see human beings. All the same, we can’t expect others to take us seriously when we pack up jails like the ships on their way to New York from the Middle Passage.
Furthermore ,as a free nation of free people, we shouldn’t be forcing employers to hire usto make the work place more “diverse” if the result is loss of efficiency and less production. It is the owners’ God-given right to deny us a position if we aren’t suitable for the job- which we definitely aren't. Goddamn government always wanna whip they dick out and start butt-raping the good, honest folk of America.
The solution is stop bitching about contrived racism and discrimination- that obviously doesn’t exist anymore, lets be serious- and start working on us. Because we ain’t getting nowhere by complaining. God bless the White Man. Praise be to White Jesus.
This tale is what most people believe about the state of America, specifically Black America. In believing this myth, in subscribing to this perception of reality, we are missing the root cause of all that ails the black community. We ignore the implications of the inbred, discriminatory system we are all born into. We lie to ourselves in order to escape this truth. Facing it would bring about too many changes, while affirming the position that black people have been clamoring about for centuries. It would cast the white man, and society, in it’s true light. Forced to confront problems, more problems will arise. The justification for scalin gback Affirmative Action and other social programs will be erased, and finally, we will look into the mirror, and see the ugly pieces of shit we’ve been forever.

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