Sunday, July 1, 2012

**Vicarious World's Best of the Month**: The June Edition

Good day folks. What a month here at VW. This month saw the debut of VERGE, "an organization dedicated to self-expression, intellectual engagement, and productive networking." They had their first Open Mic Night, and we're hearing it was great success! Not to be outdone by anyone, JC was resurrected and promptly went about carrying the blog on his back do. Brother even wrote two poems! Up is down and down is up, dogs are humping cats, NYC Rob is physically attracted to men, mass hysteria all around! 

 2012 Presidential Election Tale of the Tape: the Frivolous Facts by Jersey Campbell
The information provided in this tale of the tape is somehow more useful than the news major media outlets report. At the end of the day, we're still choosing between a turd and a douche.

A peek inside the soul of a soulless man Pt V: Auditorium by Jersey Campbell
Part V of the peek series. We don't know about y'all, but we're tired of listening to Mr. Campbell bitch and moan all the damn time.

Introduction by Jersey Campbell
The second of two poems written by the one and only. An introduction to the organization on the VERGE of taking over the world. 

*Roll Laptop* by Styler Substance
Styler Substance drops in to tell us about a concept laptop in development. We'd be more interested if any of us could afford it. 

This One Has No Name by KV Sart
This One Gets No Description. A poem of perception and expectations.

Time and Compassion by KV Sart
"Through the expression of time, We find control over ourselves." Don't waste your time trying to interpret. 

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