Thursday, February 16, 2012

The day after February the 14th by NYC Robert

This Valentine's wasn't the most important thing on my mind. Though I took her out for dinner, I wasn't really focused on all the hype like I use to be. Now don’t get me wrong, I still feel very passionate about my significant other, but to signify a day for couples to show their love for one another is lame. What about all the other days in the year? It’s almost like he or she must get flowers, a card, and candies to show their love. But is that what truly demonstrates love?
For V-day, I had a lot to do. I had school, work, and I attended a wrestling match (support the youth). When it came down to it my girl asked if I wanted to catch a movie, and of course I agreed. It honestly isn’t a surprise as to what we saw. But if you aren’t up to date on what’s playing, or you just live under a rock; we saw The Vow. A movie about a madly in love couple who goes through an extreme tragedy.
 - While driving through a blizzard they decide to park up on the side of the road (They’re the type that likes to seize every moment).
Unfortunately, a snow plow truck wasn’t able to see their car and ran into them. The husband had a few bruises and probably a mild concussion because he had on his seat belt. His wife, however, was ejected from the car on impact and suffered major damage to her skull. The damage was so severe she couldn’t remember anything about the last five years of her life. She couldn’t recognize her husband, the life they had together, or their friends…
Talk about sad. Her husband was more puzzled than anything. He tried everything in his power to get her to remember, but nothing was working. To add, he didn’t have much help. Her parents, who he never met because she hadn't spoken to them in five years, were the only people she had remembered. In addition, she only remembered the old her, the life she had, her old friends and boy-friend. 

Could you imagine that? Loving someone so deeply, and them feeling the same? If you can, I now want you to imagine that being taken away as soon as you walk back into the room to them. Wham! They don’t recognize you, or the times you two have shared together. That’s like someone slicing your heart slowly because the person is right in front of you unintentionally hurting you.
I don’t want to spoil the movie for you; if you haven’t seen it, you should. I almost cried.
I mentioned the movie because that was a couple that truthfully understood one another. Their likes and dislikes, and every day to them seemed like it was Valentine’s.  They also accepted each other’s flaws. Arguing and sad times just wasn’t a part of their routine. You’re probably saying well it’s a movie, which you are right, but it’s a true story.
My point is simple: V-day is just another day. Stop bringing so much hype to one day. If you truly are in love with your significant other than love them for that. Not because of what they have, or what they can give you. But because when they’re around you feel tingly inside and don’t know why.


  1. Actually it's not a true story, it was just inspired by one. There’s nothing wrong with a day devoted to love. Yes, sure there is too much hype around it, and yes it is just another day. I believe people should act like its Valentines Day everyday, but that may get a little boring. I think its mostly the cheap people who give excuses not to celebrate Valentines Day. Well my point is that people should treat Valentines Day as just another opportunity to demonstrate their love to the people they love. Plus its easier to find all of these lovey-dovey things around valentines day. So why not take advantage of it, plus its one of those holidays that keep our country going. Its a good day for both small and big businesses. So yeah, why not do a little something. And maybe you can spread a little love other days of the year too.

  2. @Anonymous.So wait what's a moive that is based or inspired from a real life situation? Did you even see the movie because they actually state that in the end. If you think expressing your love to your significant other everday is too much then maybe you should celebrate V-day. But for me I don't because I express my love everday to my girl. I randomly send her flowers at work, take her out on romantic dinners, and treat her very well. So how would doing something like that on V-day be any different. I'm not really concerned about being on the in crowd. In fact, I don't care at all. Thus, it really isn't a cheap excuse. Celebrating V-day, and getting your significant other flowers and candy one day a year is a cheap excuse.= NYC ROB winning. Anonymous= Losing

    1. You should look it up. It says inspired! I did see the movie. Yes, the woman it happened to did loose her memory and did not regain it. I don’t know w if she had lost it the same way as the woman in the movie but, I’m guessing the middle bit of the movie was fiction. Oh, and good for your girlfriend. Good guys are hard to come by.

  3. Anonymous. I like your drive and I know what you mean. They probably did sugar coat certain parts, but I feel as a whole it captured the center of there relationship.