Tuesday, February 14, 2012

**Vicarious World Special** Jersey Campbell and NYC Robert: Women and Dating Evolution Pt. II

If you missed it, here's Pt. I

In Pt. II NYC Rob forces Jersey Campbell to defend his sexist views.

NYC Rob:
I’m a bit confused now. You say your argument isn’t sexist, but yet it seems as if you want women to initiate dates with men just to be as equal as a man. Do you honestly think a date is a women’s biggest concern? 

 You also mentioned a list of traditional things that maybe a couple decades ago could be answered easily. However, today many women do in fact ask men out, and ask them to marry them. Another contrasting point is that many men do play the role of the “traditional wife, or mother” by cooking dinner, taking care of house hold chores, and takes care of the children.

None of what you have said really adds up. In fact, it seems as if you’re ranting more than debating. If women don’t ask you out that’s one thing, but you can’t speak for every man. I’ve been asked out by women a number of times, and they’ve insisted on paying. I’m sure many other men could agree.
News flash there are many more stay at homes dads that have taken over “traditional wife and/or mommy roles.”  Haven’t you checked the pay grades, and the numbers of women who are excelling at their careers?
Maybe women aren’t looked at as equals from the media or certain types of men. But they do earn their respect. If I were you I’d stop saying a date initiation would solve anything.

Why you putting words in my mouth yo? Did I say dating world equality would solve anything? Did I say a date is a women's biggest concern? No, I didn't. Check yourself before coming at me.

What I did say was that this is ultimately an unimportant issue that I wanted to share my thoughts on. It is not the be-all-end-all for women who seek equality, but it is something that would perhaps encourage men to respect them a bit more (women shouldn't care about gaining the respect of men anyway). I admit that my words may sometimes be a big misguided, but I stand by what I said.

Am I upset that women don't ask me out? Well I can't be upset about something that isn't true can I? But that's beside the point. This is about the pointless structure of dating and relationships that designates some actions to be done by men and other actions to be done by women. And while certain aspects of dating and relationships have become more equal, there is still a lot to be done before we can call it 50-50. Even you can admit that I'm right on this point.

We know men dominate this world so much that we fail to even realize how much shit and subtle oppression women put up with everyday. I do believe this topic is at least mildly important (the psychological impact of taking control in dating situations can seep into other aspects of life; I did (not) the research), but there are many other things that need to be addressed before we make dating equality a priority.

I know I probably came out the loser in this one, but best believe I'll be back to reclaim my Vicarious World Master Debater title.

NYC Rob:
Campbell you seem desperate. Searching for a crack to escape through, but sadly there aren't any. You may not have said anything would be solved, or dating is a women biggest concern, but you are implying it.
Honestly, your last statement looks like a cry for help. If you want to debate an issue at least stick to your point, and don’t throw in the towel. Nor throw in tangibles at the end. Just some advice.
So it's very clearly now NYC Rob 2-0 against Campbell.
J. Camps step your game up! 

And so we conclude another round of friendly discussion between Jersey Campbell and NYC Robert. Being the moderator, I am not allowed to say who won or lost, but when someone concedes victory it makes it pretty obvious. Even so, the team of wannabe writers of Vicarious World would like to know- who do you support? 

Next time, instead of coming at each other like wild deer, maybe you guys should try a more constructive approach. Start by identifying the points you agree on, and then when you get to the diverging viewpoints, work on reconciliation. Just a suggestion. Conflict is newsworthy, but compromise is much more valuable.


  1. I support NYC Rob... and not just because I'm a female.

    1. That's not how it works 'round here... there has to be some sort of reasoning included in your response.