Monday, August 6, 2012

The Serengeti Flower by KV Sart

The Serengeti flower
            Grows in boggy
            Areas, grows with
            Little hairs, that
            Irritate the skin.

The name was
            One to be
            Forgotten, a nickname,
            A fake name,
            A false pretense.

The game was
            Played with no
            Rules, a lovely
            War of roses,
            Bed of thorns.

When the game
            Concluded, he was
            A broken soul,
            Crying to strangers,
            Bleeding regurgitated clichés.

The lone soul
            Sleeps alone, finds
            Himself alone, for
            Years this goes,
            Searching in darkness.

Until the lone
            Soul finds that
            There is no
            Loneliness in contentment,
            Alone not alone.

When it all
            Was forgotten, wanting
            Had ceased and
            He no longer
            Needed, he found.

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  1. very inspiring n thought out i love the feel of this keep it up :)