Monday, August 13, 2012

Jersey Campbell's Quote of the Day: join me in the land of chimeras

Ladies and not-so-gentlemen, we've got another edition of Quote of the Day for ya. This entry comes to us from a familiar source, Jean-Jacques Rousseau's educational treatise Emile.

This quote was chosen because when I find myself enjoying conversation, people tell me that my views are crazy, incoherent, and just plain impossible. Well my dear friends, I may be insane, but do not think I have no understanding of the world and how it works, for I do. I just choose to ignore them, or dream of a different elemental structure purer and more benevolent in its organization. Rousseau's quote adequately sums up this predicament.

“Long ago they have made up their minds that I am wandering in the land of chimeras, while for my part I think they are dwelling in the country of prejudice. When I wander so far from popular beliefs I do not cease to bear them in mind; I examine them, I consider them, not that I may follow them or shun them, but that I may weigh them in the balance of reason.”
-       Jean-Jacques Rousseau in “Emile”

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