Wednesday, August 1, 2012

*Vicarious World's Best of the Month*: Joooo-lie

Hey there. Unfortunately, the whole crew of Wannabe Writers found it OK to take breaks from their duties to Vicarious World. That, or they believed VW to be on the same schedule as K-12 schools here in the greatest country in the world. USA! USA! USA! Somehow, someway, we dug up some excellent content from the month of the July... all for the benefit of our three readers. Read, and be merry.

Can a guy have female friends while in a relationship? by NYC Robert
This topic has sparked much heated discussion on the blog, The Book of Faces (aka Facebook), and at VERGE's bi-weekly Open Mic Nights at Retro Lounge. There are more viewpoints to be expressed, we'd like to hear 'em.

Sincere Fictions Pt. 1: as told by some Well-Informed Black Guy by Jersey Campbell
Basically, don't trust dem new niggas ovah dere.

Sincere Fictions Pt. 2: the Radical Black Man weighs in by Jersey Campbell
Basically, don't trust them established white men ovah dere.

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