Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Thoughts by KV Sart

Jersey has asked me to write a brief essay concerning the election.  Even if he had not asked for something “brief”, I can’t honestly say that I have a great deal to write about the election.  For me, the election has the feel of sporting event, something like the Super Bowl.  There is a side which I have chosen as my favorite, I root for that side to win, which is fun for a time leading up to the event and during the event itself, and then, the next day, I am left feeling slightly let down.
            For some reason we build the election up into this massive marker of whether or not the country is fucked, and depending on which side you agree with, you either think its time to leave the country, or you spend the next 2 months fantasizing about how much better the country is now that someone who you think you agree with is in power.
            Not only is the presidential election an undertaking in ego masturbation for the candidates, it is likewise for voters.  It is a time when people allow themselves to say, “see, I am right, you are wrong, the majority of the people believe what I believe.”
            The greater reality to remember during these times is this: it is hardly ever the president who makes the biggest social changes.  For sure, there have been good presidents who have done good things, but it is hardly ever the ones we “elect” to do good things who end up being the ones who do the greatest things.
            So, for those who voted for losing candidates, relax, your day-to-day reality remains unchanged.  For those who voted for candidates that won, congratulations, you were on the right side of what is essentially a 50/50 bet.  Sorry to be so cynical, but both sides seem to have neglected honest discourse and sound reasoning during the campaign, little seems to have really changed.

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