Monday, November 12, 2012

It's about time by Jersey Campbell

Time lacks the eternal strength it is attributed
For with time our physical beings become old, brittle, stale and feeble
With time, rises fade while roses bloom
With time, eyes observe cycles of birth and death
So with time, we live
With time, we seek a fulfillment of magnificent proportions
Yet in time, the sands of the hourglass eventually run out, only to be flipped over, so that another cycle may begin
The meaning is too elusive, so with time we grow and learn
Only for the hourglass to be flipped over once again
Lessons re-learned and new flowers bloom
In time, we forget all truths granted to us because when the hourglass flips, time resets
Time is no more eternal than the souls traveling through its corridors
But what a novel concept! Time ushers enlightenment… a spiritual awakening is an inevitable result
The only inevitability, is the loss of time itself and the eventual resurrection of the eternal paradox
A realization is in order. An epiphany of divine nature
Time waits for no man, and no man will wait for time
In time we act, decisions made determining the fate of our lives which, in time, will end in death
It is with time we grow, and in time we decompose
An inquiry: what have we learned? In which way have we grown?
Time is simply a paradigm
Moments in mirrors which mimic the times passed
Reflections of fallen eras haunt our contemporary dreams
With time we become corrupt
In time our minds expand to see the vast wasteland that was once promise and hope
The hourglass is reset, and time, laid to rest

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