Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jersey Campbell's notebook ramblings: thoughts on the election

Sources tell me there was an election in America last night, and now a black guy is president? Wait, wait? He’s been president for four years already! Wow! What progress we’ve made!
If I can be super cereal for a minute, I’d like to share my thoughts on the election:

-       Republicans found out they cannot win by appealing only to white males. It isn’t 1800 anymore, ‘Merica is changing. We got a whole bunch of colored folk voting now, and it doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere. Your out-of-date standards are not our standards. I believe we've made that pretty clear.

-       Paying way too much attention to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I noticed that everyone was commenting on the Presidential election, and only a few of the political-activists-for-a-day made any comment on the Congressional, Senatorial, or local elections. I heard somewhere that the House of Representatives is the people’s branch. Too bad the people could care less about the people’s branch. Not that it matters too much now anyway. More on this later...

-       There’s a gay lady in the Senate. I hope the other senators don’t catch her disease. 

-       “My goodness! Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Rocky Anderson, and Virgil Goode didn’t get any of the Electoral College votes! That really caught me by surprise!” said a person who doesn’t exist. The media encourages the duopoly by not giving the 3rd party candidates any chance to explain their platform to the public. It would have been refreshing to see all the candidates debate at least once. Break up the duopoly! 

-       There’s no problem with playing up the horse race angle once the Election Day rolls around, but it was going on for months before Nov. 6th. Lost amid the constant talk of “who will win this state?”… “what percentage of the minority vote this candidate will win?”… “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”, we forgot that we’re voting for the best candidate for the job of POTUS. We act like votes have been decided before votes have been decided. 

-       The lack of political/governmental knowledge by the electorate is frightening (I’m guilty of this as well). We’re a bunch of sheep taking what the candidates say at face value. If we paid attention to history we’d know these candidates don’t represent the people. For example, Obama’s healthcare reform law was done with the help of the insurance lobbyists- AKA the very same people that screwed up our healthcare system in the first place. They had a way to ensure their interests were handled with care. We don't have that kind of political protection. There needs to be a lobby that represents the interest of the American people. I might start that up. Who's down? It's the only way to get the govt. to hear our voice in our current system. 

-       The National Defense Authorization Act. Our civil liberties are slipping away while we stand by America. The expanding power of the executive is dangerous at best, and fatal to the health of this nation at worst. Since when do we have to take away freedom to protect freedom? Was the unchallenged expanding power of the executive discussed at all in this election cycle? Obama is just as guilty as Bush in this regard.

-       Congrats America. We chose Pepsi over Coca-cola. It’s the same shit, it just taste a little different.

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