Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jersey Campbell's notebook ramblings: Mr. Campbell is just fine

I want to get my doctorate degree just so I can tell people not to call me "Dr. Campbell." It troubles me when those of us with doctorate degrees get irked over someone calling them Mr. or Ms. instead of Dr. I'm guessing those people went to school so they can walk around, chests out, correcting people when not addressed by the prestigious title of Doctor. Some (read: most) people have a little too much of the Chris Paul don't-touch-the-back-of-my-head-like-I'm-your-son-bitch mentality. Lighten up.

You know how much you're worth and how much knowledge you possess, yet you still worry over trivial shit. I guess after years of school you want people to know what you've been through or something, but cut that shit out. I'd rather not deal with that high-minded nonsense. When people need others to validate their accomplishments and honors it makes it less honorable. If you got your doctorate, much respect. But don't expect me to call you Doctor unless you work in patient care.

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