Monday, August 22, 2011

Go Hard or Go PG, by Jersey Campbell

I don't believe in censorship. At all. Censorship is needed only when there are things in society that should be hidden from our honest, angelic senses. Censorship is one step away from outright manipulation and propaganda. Censorship guards the observer from the wickedness of the observed. Censorship is what we use to make sure that our children don't become corrupt in the sodomy and morallessness of the world.

Iight peep it. Never mind the fact that if the world were perfect (there is no such thing as a perfect world, but for the sake of this article we'll act like there is) there would be no need for censorship. What's the purpose of censoring things that we'll be exposed to at some point in our lives anyway? We are not only effectively lying to the youth of the world, but to ourselves as well. Like this shit don't go on. Let's be real with ourselves.

I have a two-year old niece who may or may not be the devil, we're not too sure yet. Regardless of what I say in this article, I still censor myself around her. I don't swear or have dirty, sexual, conversations around her. I don't allow her to watch me partaking in illegal activities. I shield her from the horrors of the world. Even I'm guilty. Babies are believed to be pure in heart and mind so we try to hold on to the pureness that defines them; although we all know that there will be times when the true nature of the world will show themselves.

Self-help books often preach positive reinforcement and round-house kicking negative thoughts in the chin. With a glass-half-full view on life people are more prone to be successful and not let obstacles get in the way of their happiness. For instance, I'm sitting in on a conversation NYC Rob is having with a couple a people in Starbucks right now. Mr. Rob believes himself to be the Relationship Guru, and one of the females he's talking to is telling him that all men cheat. If this woman were to go into every prospective relationship with that mindset, she'd be fucked. No man in their right mind would want to be with her for an extended period of time.

The danger of negative thoughts is that they come to engulf your whole perception of the world. Instead of approaching that beautiful young man sitting by himself at a table for two in the cafe, you think of all the stupid shit that might go wrong. "Hello, may I dick next to you? Fuck! I meant sit! Sit!" A lot of the literature on positive reinforcement provides examples like this that display people screwing up situations because the negative thoughts overrode all the great things that could potentially happen.

So we censor because it's our feeble and ineffective attempt at blocking out the supposed negativity in the world (the same negativity that we ourselves create). We tell our children to cover their eyes during the sex scene, or clamp their ears during the f-bomb-infested tirade, then turn around and do these same things. Di rasshole. Wah gwan inna john shop?

My advice is either we get rid of censorship all together, or we get rid of the aspects of society that we deem censorship worthy. Enough with this half-ass attempt at hiding aspects in society that we celebrate and indulge in five minutes later.

Nevermind the censorship for other, less noble reasons, like snuffing out opinions that differ from those of the government. In any form censorship is mularky. Of all the contradictory facets of our society, this is the most annoying by far.

Think about it. What would be more beneficial in the long run, exposing everyone to the things that we (by "we" I mean the FCC) decide to censor and telling them the whole truth about it, or repressing those things until they morph into perverted forms (porn industry, drug addicts).

The bondages of censorship have done more harm than good. The truth shall set us free, lies will only enslave us.

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