Thursday, August 18, 2011

NYC Robert: Wifey? Are all women the same?

Do most women assume the man they're dating is with them for the long haul? This question came to me after listening to various women talk of their relationships and experiences. From those conversations I discovered that women do have intentions to be with their man for the long haul, or awhile. However, women don't come out and say that's the man they may marry. Although, the marriage part is very far out there, it’s a mere thought in women’s heads. Ladies, do you remember those days when you were very young, and thought of your wedding day. A beautiful sunny day, all your family and friends, and of course you looking amazingly beautiful.

Let's flip the track. We just viewed the question from a females point, now let's see the males. I asked various men and got many different answers. Immediately we have a difference. The men didn't have much thought about long term. It was more sexual, financial, or emotional. Ladies don't get me wrong us men do want you'll for many other good reasons. However, we don't seek the same thing from every woman.

There are ladies who men view as a wife and others who aren't. That doesn't necessarily mean you’re not a wonderful women, you just haven't found "that guy". When a man see's a women he may want to marry it’s of course looks, but a lot more than that. He doesn't notice her appearance as much as he notices her intellectual side, which is his match. That's the side; he determines after a while, that he can deal with.
You may ask yourself why is it so one sided. What I mean: from my writings it shows that men actually make the decision in the beginning, and end. Ladies I know your saying to yourself "Hell no! I make the decision.” I would agree with that to some extent. Let me ask two questions so you can see my point. Do you ladies decide which guy walk up to you? Do you ladies decide if your significant other should propose to you? In some cases it’s the other way around, Ladies do those things, but we can all agree it’s mainly the guy who does it. So why is it ladies believe they make decisions? If anything, I would say you make choices as to say yes or no to the questions I asked. Let me add that there are decisions you make, but not those.

Women are not all the same, they come in all different shapes, sizes, and cultures. With that said if a guy doesn't want you don't take it to heart. Men get shut down on a daily basis. However, when the shoe is on the other foot, it appears to be of some importance. Women are selfish as I mentioned in my last blog. Ladies I'll leave you with this. Men choose to be with you every day so give us some more credit.

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  1. lol... a different approach...well done