Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NYC Robert: What is really going through her damn? head? Is it us?

Why is it that women assume men know what they're thinking? They rarely come straight out and say how they feel, but what they do is send "messages." The kicker is we have no damn clue as to which is for what. So in return we get into arguments about why we don't understand them thus, making the women sad. So ladies why can't you come out and say what's really bothering you. We men aren’t geniuses and we don't know how to always cater to your needs 24/7.
Ladies have a million and one needs, and they also go through many things us men don't. Okay, that's very easy to understand, and I believe a lot of men would agree, but I feel they use that as an excuse as to why they switch there moods so frequently. From emotions running high, medium, and low it’s easy to say women change all the time. They do however have a steady mind I would agree, but their emotions for some reason are the most unstable thing known to man.

I consider myself to be understanding and able to cater to a women emotions if she's down. Mainly because I listen which is what they want. But, let's change that scenario, how many women do you know would always cater to a man needs? Don't you think that sometimes it’s one sided. Men are always the one having to say they're sorry, buying flowers, listening to women problems, and being understanding. But how many times do you hear a woman doing those same things? I rarely do. I'm not saying that women don't do it, however I don't think that they can do it as much as us men. Why? Because they have their own fucking agenda.

Women are selfish! But Ladies, don't get me wrong us men do love, and appreciate y'all. We just don't get why are feelings don't get as much attention as yours. In addition we are always responsible for dealing with all of your drama, and then ours is neglected. That brings us back to Why Do Men Cheat? If you haven't read that post please do.


  1. lol don't say all women... there are women out there that are exceptional to your blog ;). When women always cater to their man.. usually he ends up abusing her and she seems weak. Men never want a woman who is weak. Food for thought.

  2. @Mel@Rose so do agree that women and men should be treat equal?

  3. @Mel*Rose I never said a women should always cater to their man its should be 50/50. Nor do I think abuse full relationships are based off those types of women. Many times in an abuse full relationship the women is already weak. An the man is just an exaggerated control freak who wants to dominate all the time. He seeks weak women who feels that he can do everything for.

    I feel my blog can be said for ALL women, that they are very selfish, but not intentionally. Women want it all whether their in a relationship or not. Those statements I made aren't so easy to see in a women. Why? Because she disguises it very well, in fact you all do. Their isn't any women who doesn't want a made life. However, that lifestyle comes with a price, nothings free.
    What you value as a women is great, but then someone else may value something different. That doesn't mean her values are any less, or greater than yours every women is different. Also take a look at strippers, hookers, and those girls who would do anything to be rich, or have a man who has money. Reason their with them or in that lifestyle is cause they want "nice" things. However, those types of man have their personality that more than likely is relates to abuse. Also if a man is an abuser then we would talking about an entirely different type of situation. Thus cant really be answered in this blog, but I will post that one.

  4. You state that you rarely see women cater to men, my question is how do you expect for women to cater to a man, when men rarely show emotions, how are you supposed to know when men want to be catered to? or when they wish to be just left alone with their thoughts?

  5. @Anonymous. Your correct us men don't show much emotions, but as I mentioned women don't either. They go around the bush, and assume us men are suppose to figure their life out. The kicker is women are needy creators so men don't have much time to sit there and sulk. Once again our job is to keep you happy the women. As a result, we learn to put our feelings away to keep you happy. However, a man can only do that but for so long. He then grows frustration and anger towards that women.