Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dating: Has texting gone too far? by NYC Robert

Texting has changed the spectrum of communication completely. It's a quick and easy way to tell someone something, and has it's own language. From acronym's to facial expressions, many different things can be said in a text.

The other day I was reading an article about how guys text more then they call. In the article, the author was explaining why this happens. His understanding is that men don't know how to have conversations with women they're interested in, and texting allows them to hide behind their selves. With texting, us men have more time to think about what we want to say, and don't have to worry about stumbling over our words. Nor do we have to constantly think of things to say to avoid a dull moment. To me, it' seems this author believes guys aren't spontaneous enough to have a conversation with women.  

Texting has gone too far, but I'm in agreancy with what the author said. He didn't explicitly say that men do this intentionally, but it is a fact. After speaking to numerous men and women I found this to be true. It's not that those men are playing them, although that could be the case, it has more to do with being nervous. The gitters, or feelings anyone has when they like someone are like a treasure. We, as individuals, tend to guard our feelings because we don't want anyone to hurt us. Similary, us guys value our feelings as a treasure, and the thought of having someone hurt us is unmangeable. Letting her get so close that she can twist and turn our insides with her emotions and words is something we try to avoid. 

So in the beggining we may send stupid, sexual, creepy or even rude texts that are suppose to be funny, which aren't. Don't ask I don't know why that has happened to you. However, I do know that men test the waters by asking, and telling women these things. For example, I was at a comedy club and the comedian told a joke about text messages. He was saying that men send women creepy, sexual text messages and don't know why. He went on, and talked about how some men have asked women through text, "Do you do anal?", and many other creepy shit, and then they'll throw their phone or hide as if they can't believe what they just asked her. He acted it out, which made it funny, but after looking at the seriousness here, why do us men do these crazy things? It's a puzzling situation understanding the males corrupted mind. 

So ladies if this has happened to you, and you've been a victim of these crazy types of messages please share you story, or stories.    

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