Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inside Out by K.V. Sart

The beard on my face,
Is just a trace,
Of the man I am,
Judged like a fan,
Of Communism and Anarchy,
As once was Darwinism and Russian royalty.

Neurotic thoughts rule the mind,
But not the mouth,
We are espoused,
To outcast the last of the original and different,
In contrast to everything we have been taught,
Seen, learned, discovered, and thought.

The mind has been reserved,
For science and math so we can learn,
The intricacies of space and time
Which leaves undefined,
What we cannot see,
What is difficult to know.
It is a tiny window,
Through which we observe the world,
Until we accept the possibility,
That anything is possible,
That we can right our wrongs,
With love to all,
And acceptance for those individually,
Who think and do differently,
And don’t look down on your narrow affinities,

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