Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Girl He Never Had Pt. 2 (Ride Home) by NYC Robert

The Girl He Never Had Pt. 1

While on the train Steven was ecstatic about the outing. He wondered if Aliyah felt the same; and although he didn’t know, she had. Steven thought to himself about the conversations they had, and also about her figure. Steven was beginning to catch feelings for her both emotionally and physically.
Though the night had seemed as if it were over, Steven had no idea what was to come on the train ride home. 

Rushing to catch the train he found a nice quiet seat in a front cart, which works best for him when getting off. It wasn’t long before a young lady sat directly across from him, as if there weren’t any other seats to choose from. Steven looked around and noticed seating all over, and was a bit curious as to why this lady sat right in front of him. Just as he was getting ready to ask her a question to break the awkwardness she said something.

“So what brought you into the city tonight?”

Steven, now a bit puzzled, thought for awhile about his answer. Steven pondered to himself, “Oaky so this chick walks in and sits right in front of me with so many other seats available, strike one. Then she asked me an ironic question, and I don’t even know her name, strike two. Hmm… Is she crazy or not? But then again if she is I should try to play along because there’s no one around. This chick might want to go ‘night night’ on a brother.” 

Steven answers, “Oh, just hanging out with some friends. And you?”
“Work…yeah, I work in the city,” this mystery woman said very energetically. (Remember it’s after midnight and she had all this energy after work). “So, what did you and your friends do?”

Steven is now a bit concerned as to why he is even having this, what may seem, polite and harmless conversation, but from her vibe could be harmful. He had no intentions on letting her lead this Looney talk.
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Steven and yours is?”


“Stacey, that’s a lovely name. I’ve never seen you on this train before. What town are you from?”

“Oak,” she said.

“Wait…Oak, what part?” Steven asked.

“Oak smith”

“Are you joking? I live in Oak smith”

Steven, though excited, asked her the name of her street and ironically she’s lived a few houses down from him for about ten years. But this is the first time they’ve ever met. They get into a big conversation about people they know and which high-school they went to. Interestingly enough, they knew a lot of the same people (small world). However, Steven had no intentions on speaking to her again; he thought she was weird. He gave her a ride home. While in the car they talked a bit more, or she did at least. She’s quite the talker. During that conversation Steven only asked himself: are we there yet? while giving her one word answers. She never got the hint. 

After dropping Stacey off, Steven could not wait to get home to reflect on his evening. Though the last hour and a half of his life was very disturbing, he tried to look at the bright side. Sadly meeting Stacey disturbed him to the point where he couldn’t think about Aliyah…

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