Tuesday, April 3, 2012

*Vicarious World's Bracket Challenge*: Final Standings

Congrats to the Kentucky Wildcats for winning the NCAA Basketball Championship, but more importantly, congrats to Joose for winning the inaugural Vicarious World March Madness Bracket Challenge. He was in the 94th percentile for the thousands of brackets submitted to ESPN. You could make a living outta this. Don't forget to email us to claim your prize; the winner's banana can spoil pretty quickly if you wait too long.

Final Standings (Championship Round points)

win = 320; upset = 640 (no upsets this round)

1) Joose- 1,500 (320)
2) Bluespeck- 1,260 (320)
3) NYC Robert- 1,040 (0)
4) Sister Campbell- 1,010 (320)
5) JrKartel- 800 (0)
5) Jersey Campbell- 800 (0)
7) K.V. Sart- 770 (0)

Well that's a wrap folks. Once again congrats to Joose. See you all next March (if the world doesn't end this year).

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