Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wasted Time by KV Sart

The time we waist
We place into cans and bottles
And we cap those bottles
With the corks from $9 wines
We split our thoughts
We divert our attention
Sometimes purposely
Sometimes not

We seek to build
Trying to fill the void
Left by society’s fetters
Attaching ourselves to the absence of fear
We cry with the world
We cry by ourselves
Sometimes empathizing
Sometimes sympathizing

The broken branches of evergreen trees
Sit pleasantly next to
Empty cans and bottles
The world is perfectly marred
We destroy each other
We break each other’s will
Sometimes in the name of God
Sometimes in the name of Nihilism

The smartest man I know
Doesn’t go anywhere
Says everything and nothing
Saying everything by saying nothing
We chastise him
We taunt his absence of manliness
Sometimes fairly
Sometimes to our own detriment

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