Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jersey Campbell's notebook ramblings: THE Vicarious World

It has come to my attention that people believe that my twisted, convoluted views are a reflection of VW’s views. That is not the case. As the self-appointed editor-in-chief of Vicarious World, I am in a position to state what this blog is about, and what our vision is for the future.

Vicarious World has no set social or political goals. Its mission statement is a blank piece of paper blandly framed in our (imaginary) office that our contributors have the freedom to mold and shape to their liking. The only thing we advocate is the freedom of expression.

Vicarious World isn’t a bureaucratic organization that makes top down decisions and expects writers to fall in line with our methods of madness. We are precisely the opposite. I don’t know how many different ways I can say, “we welcome differences,” or, “we embrace both dissent and conformity.” We are not about snuffing out controversial viewpoints (if we were, I’d be outta here), nor popular opinion.

With good reason, a lot of people think I should burn in hell for some of the articles I have written. You’re allowed to think that. No one is stopping you. But people are under the impression that if you read or contribute to this blog, you are advocating all of the nonsense that I write and in some ways, promoting it.
I am a regular contributor to Vicarious World, I do not own anything, I do not tell other people what to write. We accept writers, bloggers, artists, photographers of all ideologies. We encourage individuals from various schools of thought to write for us and tell our five fans what they think. If we could have a contributor who defended God and religion I would LOVE it. If someone wanted to write about how the political system couldn’t be any more fair and just I would LOVE it. If a writer wanted to commend the job that the GOP is doing I would LOVE it. We don’t give a hoot what your opinions are, we just want to here them. I am merely one Wannabe Writer among many, and my borderline psychotic spiels do not reflect what this blog is about, insomuch as my particular ideologies are concerned.
The understanding is by being a contributor, you are not contributing to me and my cynicism, but to Vicarious World and its dedication to voicing opinions and the eternal search for truth. Writing for VW, has little to do with Jersey Campbell other than we will be writing for the same blog. Vicarious World is about expression, and it would be unfortunate if we lost out on opportunities for expansion because of my views. This is a medium for expression, I express myself, K.V. Sart expresses himself, NYC Robert expresses himself (albeit imprudently), GloBaL MiNd expresses himself. We don’t all share the same principles, but we recognize and appreciate our differences. So don’t think you wouldn’t “fit in” with the rest of us because you find religion to be the only saving grace of life, that is precisely why we want you here.
Enter… and be merry.

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