Monday, April 30, 2012

**Vicarious World's Best of the Month**: the April Edition

Good evening brothers and sisters, we've got another edition of the Best of the Month for ya. Some big things went down this month (as it does every month). Jersey Campbell's boy Mitt Romney basically wraped up the GOP nomination, Kobe Bryant did an un-Kobe like thing, US soldiers in Afghanistan defile the remains of suicide bombers, and somehow the Earth still spins on its axis. Crazy right? So long as the Earth spins VW's team of Wannabe Writers will continue to deliver must-read material. This month features some dandies from the team: KV Sart is on an Edgar Allen Poe-esque run, NYC Rob continues his run of totally gay shit, and the Artist Formally Known As Lebron Hawk-Ali returns. Read... and be merry.

The Girl He Never Had Pt. 2 (Ride Home) by NYC Robert
In Pt. 2, Steven meets a peculiar young lady who grabs his attention by the horns. After such a memorable night out, can lady number two get his mind off Aliyah?

Don't be turned off by the lengthy title, it is the only way to capture the magnificent scope of what is being discussed in this article. GloBaL MiNd will one day expand this series into a book. We can't wait. 

To this day no one- NO ONE- has been able to accurately articulate VW's mission statement. Part of the reason is because we don't have one, the other reason is because no one has tried. Add Jersey Campbell to the list of failures. Valiant effort.

Our Weekend Together by NYC Robert
We swear NYC Robert bathes in a tub of roses and tampons. Still, his posts satisfy the women of the world. Katt Williams says he doesn't have Alize and silk pillow covers for himself, but for the bitches. NYC Rob has that shit in his house because he is a bitch.

Enter the world of sound clashing, where insults directed at your grandmother's daughter are commonplace. The sound clash that crowned the world's best sound at Amazura in Queens, NY is recapped by our very own J. Camps. We think he's still high. 

Ride Life by KV Sart
Be grateful. Always.

Waisted Time by KV Sart 
The beauty of poetry is that it does so much with so little. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but a poem- even KV's rather succinct poems- are worth even more.

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