Friday, March 2, 2012

Jersey Campbell's Favorite Youtube Videos of All Time Right Now

Humans have invented many great things. In the beginning it was simple tools, the wheel, and God. Fast forward tens of thousands of years and we now have HDtvs, the internet, and prescription drugs (got that oxy on deck). All of these inventions pale in significance when compared to YouTube. Boy I love me some YouTube. Here are my favorite YouTube videos of all time right now.

Shit Knicks Fans Say 2: Jeremy Lin Edition presented by EricsWorldTV
I believe Jeremy Lin did end the lockout. Bout to be on that Jeremy Lin diet, nothing but chopsticks in the crib.

Marshawn Lynch (True Meaning of Determination) presented by demetryjames86
I need to meet this man. He needs an award for this video. He needs to be on the NFL Network. He needs to be on halftime shows. He needs to be doing color commentary. He needs to putdateamonhisbackdo!

Let's Talk Fifa 12: Fullbacks are RETARDED!!!! presented be KSIOlajidebt
Don't know exactly how to say this man's name and quite frankly, it doesn't matter. As an avid FIFA player myself I can say that this man speaks truth; if there ever was such a thing. This BLACK MAN posts YouTube videos of the glaring issues in FIFA with a humorous tilt. By all means go and check out the rest of his FIFA videos, most of them are pretty funny. If I had an Xbox I'd definitely challenge him. I am not taking the piss or squeezing your tits.


  1. The second video took the cake. But I don't think he should be on NFL Network. Intead, ESPN should give him his own show called "Gettem"( think of the movie How High).

  2. I'd rather have him follow me around all day.

    "Look at this nigga, look at this fucking beast! How this nigga brush his teeth like that do? Oh SHIT! Hehehehe, scrambled eggs do! Look at him eat those eggs! I never seen a nigga put his team on his back like that do! 'I gotta make that turkey bacon fuck pork, I did this shit for y'all niggas man'"