Monday, March 26, 2012

*Vicarious World's Bracket Challenge*: And then there were four...

The only question that remains to be asked in this tourney is: how many points will Kentucky win by in the title game?

The Final Four gives us a couple of early regular season rematches. If the sequels are as tight as the originals we're in for a couple of dandies next Saturday.

The results heading into the Final Four:

win = 80 points; upset = 160*

There were no upsets in the Elite Eight

1) Joose's Gut- 2 wins :        160
1) NYC Rob- 2 wins:           160
1) K.V. Sart- 2 wins:            160
1) Bluespeck- 2 wins:          160
5) JrKartel- 1 win:                 80
5) Jersey Campbell- 1 win:   80
5) Sister Campbell- 1 win:    80


1) Joose's Gut:        1,020
2) NYC Rob:             880
3) Bluespeck:            780
4) K.V. Sart:              770
5) Jr Kartel:               640
5) Jersey Campbell:  640
6) Sister Campbell:   530

At first glace it looks like Joose has got the title- and the winner's pillow case- all wrapped up, but there is one among us that may drool on the pillow of victory. K.V. Sart's favorite team for the next eight days will be the Ohio State Buckeyes. Everybody else, better luck next year!

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