Friday, March 16, 2012

Sometimes We Think by K.V. Sart

Sometimes we think
Alone in the dark
Reaching for something above
Something big and bright
And then reality creeps in

Sometimes we think
That we love
When we don't
And sometimes we do
When we think we don't

Sometimes we think
Of things existing separately
Creating visions from nothingness
Singular places of ecstasy and despair
Forgetting that all things are together

Sometimes we think
Things are worse than they are
Thinking of only what we want
Not seeing what we have
Thinking only of what we don’t have

Sometimes we think
That life should be this way or that
And instead things just are
Both good and bad
Both beautiful and ugly

Sometimes we think
That nothing will ever be just right
And we convince ourselves
Of what just right means
Getting lost in self-deception

Sometimes we think
Of exactly how we should think
And we try to think positively
But thinking positively alone
Is only plastic surgery to the soul

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