Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jersey Campbell's Final Four (subject to change by the time you read this): 03.11.12; 10:06 PM

This year, I watched less NCAA B-ball then I ever have since my parents blessed me with ESPN through an illegal cable subscription. This means that this year's Sheet of Integrity will be my most successful one yet. People who know college ball never get these things right. My sister is somehow the two-time defending champ in my family pool. The woman doesn't watch college basketball. When picking out her bracket, I'm guessing she just picks the school she likes better. It's totally arbitrary and has nothing to do with what goes on on the court.
So I'm going into the 2012 NCAA Tourney feeling pretty good about myself and my picks. I've seen the brackets, I've watched bracketology, I've stalked Joe Lunardi, and I've wire-tapped Dickie V's house. I'm ready because I'm not ready. The less analysis you do, the better your bracket will end up. 
Now that I know what I don't know what I need to know to know the tourney field, I can present to you my Final Four Right Now.  

(This is subject to change at any moment before Thursday. I'd bet that it will change at least 5x before the "2nd" round on Thursday, which is formerly the 1st round.  Everytime I turn into John Kerry circa 2004 there will be an update posted.)
Kentucky vs. Murray State 

Syracuse vs. Kansas  

'Cuse over Kentucky in the title game
Can’t see anyone beating UK in their bracket. That’s a phrase you will hear a lot of... until they lose in the Sweet 16. For now, I’m on the bandwagon hardbody.
Yeah I said it. Even though I (or you) have never seen Murray State play, I have a valid reason for picking them. I like slim women, the "1" sitting in Murray St.'s loss column is slim. Therefore, I am picking Murray State. 
If ‘Cuse doesn’t lose to ND, they’re undefeated and the #1 overall seed. That 2-3 zone is trouble for teams not used to seeing such size and length on the floor.
KU, my old college b-ball crush. I’m picking them only bc I can’t root for North Carolina, simply off the strength of my principles. 
The suits at VW are telling me I have to tell you guys to join the Vicarious World Bracket Challenge Group, so go join.

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