Saturday, March 31, 2012

**Vicarious World's Best of the Month**: The March Edition

Take a break from buying Mega Million lotto tickets folks, Vicarious World's Best of the Month returns with some scintillating stuff ('sup Clark Kellogg?). Looks like the month of March is now "poetry month" here at Vicarious World. Well, poetry month for all the Wannabe Writers except for Jersey Campbell of course. Jersey Campbell says he doesn't believe in poetry... after awhile you learn to just tune him out- he gets annoying. The Team of Wannabe Writers cranked another batch of dandies fresh out the oven and ready to be digested. From NYC Rob's subtly innocent short-form poetry to Mr. Sart's reflective, thought-provoking poetry, we've got a lot goin' on here. Dig in folks. Read... and be merry.

Badman Nuh Compromise by Jersey Campbell
J. Camps writes a ringing endorsement for dissension and difference in society. Seriously, somebody put a muzzle on this guy.

Fractured Dreams by K.V. Sart
We would be lying to you if we said that we know anything K.V. Sart talks about half the time. Even so, his poetry can get those deep emotions exercised.

Hold Me by NYC Robert
NYC Rob takes a break from his sabbatical to bless us with his presence. Four words: Stuck in the GAME!

Loose Nights and Dazed Days by K.V. Sart
If you didn't remember what happened last night but still thought it memorable this one is for you.

Sometimes We Think by K.V. Sart
What you think you want in life and what you actually want in life are often two different things. Sometimes We Think that there is more to it then what we can prove.

The World's Most Obnoxious and Grandiose Marketing Campaign by Jersey Campbell
Another critical look at the politics of America. How 'bout instead of criticizing everything, you offered up some solutions?

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