Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Career Fair Crashers by Jersey Campbell

NYC Rob and I looking like businessmen or something

I've been out of school for four-plus months and still haven't found a job yet. Yes, I know, Vicarious World is my job. But people tell me I should be looking for a job that could put some money in my pockets. So when NYC Robert told me about a local career fair going on today I dusted off my shirt and tie and resurrected my dress shoes for the occasion.

We walked around for about 20 mins before we realized that none of the companies represented were looking for anything we had to offer. The only types of companies there were finance, insurance, sales (sadly, most of our intellectual resources are being exhausted in these fields), healthcare, and... a blog. 

There was an unoccupied booth at the end of the second aisle that said to us, "Come, sit down. Tell the people of the Hofstra Career Fair about Vicarious World." When a booth talks to you it is in your best interest to listen. Listen, we did. 

A good amount of interesting people came by the booth. I wonder what they were thinking when they saw two young brothers in business suits sitting at an unidentified booth with a notepad for a display banner? People came to us out of curiosity more than anything (it also could have been because from a scale of 1-10, we're both pretty handsome), and we ended up meeting some pretty interesting people and having some pretty interesting conversations. 

I know certain people were disappointed when they approached us and found out that we weren't some investment banking company. But a lot of people seemed genuinely interested in what we were telling them. I couldn't tell if it was the curse of the courteous or if they really wanted to find out more about this mysterious unidentified booth. People would ask, "What are you guys trying to accomplish?" and I had no answer for them. I only told them I like to write so it made sense to start a blog.

When I got home MSNBC was live at the Occupy Wall Street protest (something we should all be paying attention to, it's starting to come on like a tsunami) and one of the protestors said something that resonated with me and vaguely summed up what Vicarious World is trying to do. Similar to the Occupy Wall Street movement, Vicarious World has no set defined goals, no clear agenda, no mission statement. Vicarious World is a medium for people to blog about things that interest them. We are free-flowing and permeable and we want our voices to be heard (or read). Every one of our writers has a different message they are communicating and Vicarious World is the medium that can provide that outlet. 


  1. Good stuff. Makes me happy to be a part of this.

  2. Interesting. Different. Any blog I log into and see my name as a link can't be that bad. -Wilfred

  3. That was a productive day.