Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stop Hating Chick! by NYC Robert

The other day, while at work, I was having lunch with a co-worker (Allister) when a female friend (didn’t catch her name) of his walked in. We all
chatted for a while, and then another co-worker (Trigay) walked in. At that time, the other female co-worker was leaving so we said our goodbyes, but Trigay mumbled “skizzer."  I later asked Trigay why she had said that, and she corrected me and told me that it wasn’t directed towards that co-worker. Instead, it was directed towards Allister.  A bit puzzled, I asked her why do females hate on girls when there isn't really anything to hate on. Trigay had a lot to say, but it honestly wasn’t rocket science.

Females want many things. However, they each want, or value different things. The things that they desire make it very impossible not to hate on others who do because they wished they had it, and then they begin to like-hate. Like-hate is when you like what someone else has, but have to find a way to criticize them. For instance, a girl stunningly dressed from head to toe. Everyone notices her appearance and for the people who are "like-hating" there first thought is damn she looks good, and then they start thinking "why is she wearing it like that? Her butt's too big for that dress, or why don't I have that on? Why do chicks behave this way?" That’s a tough one to answer, but as I sat there and listened to Trigay, it became obvious each female wants to feel extra special; almost like they're the only girl in the world. At that point I became intrigued to find out more.

Is it wrong to live vicariously? Yes and no. It’s one thing to want to act like someone else and it’s another to want to live a different life. For example, pretending to sing like Jennifer Lopez after hearing her sing. In contrast, it’s another to hate on J-Lo for having such an amazing voice or of her figure because you don’t have either of those traits. The reason you are hating is because you wished you did. This is the hating that exists amongst many females today. They may see another female and say to themselves “damn! Look at her hair, face, out-fit, shoes, bag, coat, nails, or make-up.” And then say to a friend or themselves why does she have that on? Or you see how she’s wearing that dress, shoes, bag, hair, or coat?”

Why do females do this? Well one factor is very obvious, they wish they had what she had. The other is because they’re not confident in their selves. If they were they would complement her and keep it moving. So ladies why aren’t you confident in yourselves? And although you wish you had everything, you just can't. Sorry! You’ve been dealt your cards, so just play the game. Truthfully, what would the difference be if you had what she had? You’d still be as beautiful as you are now, and guys would still talk to you. What more do you want?


  1. So true with the like-hating. I think dudes do it too, it's just that we are trained to keep it internal like all other emotions. Also I think different things (i.e. not looks or clothes) trigger the like-hating response in guys.